Lichen Sclerosis

Lichen sclerosis is a chronic inflammatory condition with symptoms of intense itching, dryness, irritation and tearing of the vulvar skin.  Signs include scar formation, white blanching of the tissue, adhesion formation and secondary ulceration.  The cause is unknown.  The current treatment options are limited primarily to topical steroids which will, over time, worsen the atrophy already created by the lichen sclerosis.  And the chronic inflammation has been linked to an increase risk of squamous cell carcinoma.

 Fractional carbon dioxide laser (MonaLisa Touch) is quickly becoming the standard of care treatment as it can eliminate the itching and need for steroid treatment.  In many cases it will remove the inflammation, heal the ulceration and even undo some of the adhesions.

 The laser drills tiny holes into the surface – and the heat generated stimulates the re-growth of blood vessels and collagen.  This healing process creates a healthier, more elastic tissue.  Three to four treatments can create a vulva that no longer demands attention but rather is able to allow a woman to enjoy her sexual relationship with their partner.

 Women’s Health Care has the MonaLisa Touch laser, designed to treat vaginal atrophy, incontinence and lichen sclerosis.  Contact our office at 503-435-2020 to schedule a free consult if you would like to learn more or find out if the treatment is right for you.

Paid Advertising Column By Kay E. Case, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon, Women's Health Care


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