By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

A dream lost in litigation: Pair’s plans for bakery, flour mill fall apart

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And why the heck does Mr. Boutard even give a crap what these guys do in another county? He's obviously got nothing better to do than be an actual turd and "piss & moan". I'm sorry Stoller and his business partner had to see the nasty side of people instead of the supportive side that wants new small businesses. I would of bought bread there. I cetainly will make sure that if Mr. Bouturd starts one I will tell ALL my friends in his area NOT to buy from him. FYI I know alot of people and the power of social media is strong my friend.


Who is this Anthony Boutard and what is his real motivation? This story needs more digging for detail.


I have found having a small business in Oregon is not the the way the state wants to do business. It puts up blockades every step of the way. Every year they add more new laws and hopes to jump through. I have had a trucking company here for 48 years and January 1st it moves to North Carolina. The small minded Boutard's of this world are bad for everyone.

Bill B

And the 800 pound gorilla wins again!

john fritter

It would be great if this article was open for viewing for all. I would love to post this article in a google review for Boutards Ayers Creek Farms for all to read.


this is totally un-American. I wish there was some way that we could all collectively help this endeavor to succeed.....and to help all of us be as polite as we should be on this format. $%#$^$%&$%&^$%!!


These two should not allow someone from out of town dictate their decisions. I think there are plenty of people in Yamhill County who would wholeheartedly support this endeavor. Don't give up your dream!!


Is there any way those supportive of the mill/bakery project near Amity could help these entrepreneurs gain more time, patience and money to get past the LUBA hurdle?


I, too, would like to see more about Boutard. How about an in-depth?


I would like to know if the two guys would go on with their dream if we all would find a way to help them finance the Luba ? I am not active in any social media but I am willing to put money in this if someone would provide a way. Maybe there could be a follow up in the NR ?

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