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Property tax statements mailed

County Assessor Derrick Wharff said in a press release that about 47,700 statements were mailed, totaling $171.1 million. Of that, some $30 million goes to the county, while the remainder goes to other taxing districts, including schools, rural fire districts, parks, libraries and police levies.

Wharff said the statements this year include an informational flyer to help taxpayers understand their statements, with contact information for his department.

Yellow statements indicate that the homeowner’s mortgage company or the Department of Revenue has requested a copy of the bill. Some people have set up escrow accounts through their mortgage companies that collect money along with the mortgage payment, that goes to pay property taxes.

Green statements indicate that that the property owners must pay the bill directly themselves.

Taxpayers who make their payments in full by Nov.15 receive a 3% discount, while taxpayers who pay 2/3 of their bill by the deadline receive a 2% discount.

Property owners who do not receive a tax statement by Nov. 1 should call the Assessment and Tax Office at 503-434-7521. To limit the number of people in the office during flu and cold season, the county recommends paying taxes by mail, online, or the drop box located at the front entrance of the Courthouse. For payment options, visit for more information.

Yamhill County accepts payments via the Internet using a credit card, debit card or an eCheck from a customer’s bank account. A convenience fee is charged. Taxpayers also have the option to pay via telephone by calling 1-877-273-4878. A convenience fee is charged.


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