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McMinnville Police seize cash, drugs, weapons

Courtesy  McMinnville Police Department##Evidence seized as part of the investigation.
Courtesy McMinnville Police Department##Evidence seized as part of the investigation.

McMinnville Police seized drugs, weapons, cash and made two arrests as part of a recent extensive investigation.

Their effort began the morning of Monday, March 14, when officers were dispatched to an apartment complex on a reported disturbance.  A female was outside a unit yelling and pounding on the door.

Officers contacted her and she claimed she was not locked out and said nothing was going on before she walked away.

Officers than saw another female seated in a nearby vehicle. She was identified as Kayla Calderon, 26, of Lafayette.

An officer saw drug paraphernalia in the vehicle and narcotics detection K-9 Tucker was requested to the location.

While Calderon was being interviewed, Ryan Worden, 26, of Lafayette, approached officers.

An officer observed the outline of what appeared to be a firearm completely concealed in his back pocket. He initially claimed the item was his wallet, but later admitted it was a firearm.

It was determined he did not possess a valid CHL (concealed handgun license).Worden admitted there was an assault rifle in the vehicle, but said Calderon may have been carrying a handgun belonging to him.

Officers also located drug paraphernalia on Worden and that’s when he admitted there were multiple firearms in the vehicle.

A large amount of cash and two white pills were also located in Worden’s pockets. Worden estimated he was carrying about $5,000 in cash.

Tucker alerted on the parked vehicle. Calderon denied being in possession of any illegal substances, but later admitted to having a blue pill in her pocket, and during a subsequent search, it was removed from her pocket along with other drug paraphernalia.

The pill had the imprints of “M” and “30” on it.  When asked what might be found in the vehicle, Calderon indicated there might be methamphetamine and some pills.

The vehicle was towed from the scene pending application for a search warrant to search the interior.

Calderon did acknowledge there being additional firearms in the vehicle, to include an assault rifle.  She was released from the scene.

Worden was transported to the police department for processing and more than $9,000 was found to be in his possession. He was cited on one count of unlawful possession of a firearm.

A day later, a search warrant turned up the following firearms:

* AM-15 multi-caliber rifle with a magazine containing 27 rounds.

* 9mm handgun with a magazine containing 12 rounds.

* Fully-loaded 22-caliber handgun with two rounds.

* 9mm handgun with a chambered round and a magazine containing three rounds.

* 9mm handgun with a magazine containing 10 rounds of ammunition.

Other quantities of loose ammunition were also found in the vehicle, as well as a variety of other weapons to include a medieval flail, red blade sword, machete with a sheath and a throwing knife

In addition to the ammunition, firearms and miscellaneous weapons, there were several small packages of what was believed to be meth, as well as a total of 40 blue “M 30” pills suspected to be counterfeit Oxycodone pills possibly laced with Fentanyl.

Other drug paraphernalia items were found in the vehicle, to include a digital scale and pipes commonly used to ingest illegal drugs.  Other items of interest in the vehicle were a costume mask, a set of bolt cutters and an auto-lockout tool kit.

The evening of Monday, March 21, Calderon responded to the police department to secure the vehicle and was cited on four drug charges related to the delivery, manufacture and possession of meth, a Schedule II controlled substance and oxycodone.

That same night, the investigating officer responded to cover an officer on a traffic stop and recognized Worden as a passenger in the vehicle. He was taken into custody.

At the police department, He was asked to remove his belt and shoes, per department policy, before being placed in a temporary holding cell.

It was determined something was concealed in the belt. An officer found 473 blue “M 30” pills. He also had more than $1,000 in cash in his possession. He was cited on four drug charges similar to citations issued to Calderon.

In total, the investigation netted 516 blue “M 30” pills with an estimated street value of more than $2,500, six firearms and ammunition; a quantity of meth and about $10,500 in cash.

Anyone with information related to this case should contact Cpl. Josh Eckroth at 503-437-1931 or Reference case number 22-0949.



I had to look up multi-caliber rifle. Sure enough, they have kits for sale like that, with swappable barrels. I assume that AM-15 comes from Anderson Manufacturing.

Joel R

Thanks Mac PD! I really appreciate all that you do to keep us safe by getting people like this off the streets.


The problem is when they're in front of the judge and receive go-and-sin-no-more probation.


The southern boarder is wide open. The cartels have free reign and reports have them setting up operations in mansions on the US side because it’s too dangerous on the Mexico side. It’s not just Chinese made fentanyl pouring across. The cartels are making as much money on human trafficking. Not just being paid to sneak people across, but from selling people into slavery, women and children. Our government is complicit in this trafficking by moving migrants all over the country. These people are turning up in prostitution stings and sexual exploitation of children investigations from coast to coast.

Right now there is a caravan of 170,000 people moving through Mexico, heading to our porous boarder where they will be met with little resistance.

The VP said that people got what they ordered in the last election. Did you?


A $100 ticket for meth/heroin, and this is the result (copy/pasted from a news article) "Last year, police tagged 16-thousand people for drugs and not a single one went into treatment as a result. But the treatment industry cashed in for millions". This math isn't mathin' right for me.


I don't see either one of them on the roster.......


They never went to jail, according to the article which is a reprint of the McMinnville Police press release - all involved were issued citations.


rosebloomer, thanks for the update. That is absolutely crazy, these are all just citations, and this isn't jail worthy!!!

Joel R

If thats true, its time for me and my family to get the hell out of Oregon. No wonder so many people are moving to Texas and Florida.

Bill B

Starting to feel like Mayberry around here. No one gets placed in jail (other than Otis that is). What a joke!

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