Vera Bonita Davidson Morgan - 1943 - 2019


There will be a celebration of life this spring for Vera Bonita Morgan at 11:00 a.m. May 18, at the Church of God on First Street by the high school in Reedsport, Oregon.
Bonita was born August 11, 1943, in McMinnville, Oregon, to Howard and Annabelle Davidson. She passed away January 11, 2019, after a short illness. The sixth child of Howard and Annabelle, she had three sisters, Patsy, Doris and Jeannie, and two brothers, Shirlie and Teddy (infant 1933). She was the only child born in a hospital. Her parents were berry farmers, growing strawberries, raspberries and thornless blackberries. All the family worked on the farm. They also had a large garden and fruit trees. Amity was their home and community; most of the people there were also in agriculture.
Bonita married David Wright and they had two sons, Bradley and Kip. David worked for the US Forest Service in Gardiner. In 1971, David died.
In 1973, Bonita married David Morgan, who helped her raise her sons. They shared years of working together, playing, traveling and loving the town of Reedsport. After 29 years of working together, David Morgan retired from dentistry and they shared many years of retirement, spending a number of winters in Arizona. They enjoyed skiing, fishing, crabbing, garage sales, sailing and cutting wood as a family. They spent their summer vacations sailing the San Juan and Gulf islands. Bonita also played volleyball and softball on a women’s team; later she played tennis, golf and pickleball. She loved to dance.
She was blessed with three grandchildren, Emily Wright and Jed and Grace Wright. Bonita was also very proud of her family, but most of all, the amazing dads Brad and Kip became. She felt she lived a very privileged and blessed life.
Bonnie is survived by her husband, Dr. David Morgan; two sisters, Doris Richmond of Amity and Jeanne Bird of Cottage Grove; sons, Brad Wright and daughter-in-law, Sigrid, of Waldport, and Kip Wright and daughter-in-law, Mary, of Coquille; and grandchildren, Emily Wright, Jedidiah Wright and Grace Wright.
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