##Radford Bean

Yamhelas Westsider Trail, Pro: Project is worth a look with fresh eyes

Does Yamhill County’s Yamhelas Westsider Trail, proposed for former railroad right of way extending 14.8 miles north from Gun Club Road almost to Gaston, have a legitimate future?

##Mary Starrett

Yamhelas Westsider Trail, Con: Trail nothing more than expensive boondoggle

Yamhill County features the perfect mix of urban and rural, with comfortably sized cities, traded sector manufacturing, thousands of acres of forest and agricultural land and communities that still value caring for each other.

Bates: A welcome home to Vietnam vets

About the writer: A 47-year resident of Boring, Steve Bates is a life member of the Associates of Vietnam Veterans of America and honorary life member of the Vietnam Veterans of America. He chairs the ...

Letter to Readers: With holidays, frivolous is fine but so is solemn

Like plenty of things in this active community, when it came to listing egg hunts and other Easter events, we were kept hopping with keeping up with all the activities this weekend. We ran a list a week ...

Investigating the Bible: World’s divine power, if not science, seen in Scriptures

The Bible describes events which defy current scientific knowledge: The earth has four corners, there were only seven days for creation, the Red Sea rolled back letting the Jews walk on dry ground to escape ...

Whatchamacolumn: Corrected context for tax rate measure

I hate making mistakes in print … even one that almost no one notices. However — and this should be no surprise — Mark Davis noticed, and let me know. So, since correction of published ...

Rachel Thompson/News-Register##Seen on Northeast Davis Street in McMinnville, a hearse with a license plate pun.

Calendar of Quirk: Quirk blend of duplicate business names and a hearse, dumpster and mystery cairns

A series of similarities start off this week’s Calendar of Quirk – and other examples of oddities that are: set firmly in the ground, roll around on four wheels; and come and go according to ...

Culbert: Knowledge pays off

Learning basic principles of investing is key to attaining financial goals

Letter to Readers: A poignant reminder, found in a Post-it note

I’m one of the luckiest guys in McMinnville. As a photographer and sometime writer for the News-Register I’ve have the privilege to visit every school in our readership area — ...

Bladine: Proposed ballot measure would disrupt city services

Tax-limiting ballot measures are nothing new in Oregon, but the proposed McMinnville referendum on city property tax levies is a rarity. If petitioners can collect 3,540 signatures from active registered ...

Rachel Thompson/News-Register##A bicycle door frame tucked away in the future “Art Alley” behind The Cabana Club.

Calendar of Quirk: Bike art, bike racks, and messages in Italian, English and mathematics

This week’s Quirk runs an unusual gamut, taking us from a popular pizzeria to a downtown alley to a set of bike racks that say “to the limit.” Remember: “CQ shall find” … March ...

Bladine: Is there enough electricity for our tools?

I’ve been thinking about replacing my gas-powered leaf blower with a modern electric model. That idea got a boost this week when Portland City Council approved a phased-in ban on gas blowers, which ...

Investigating the Bible: Scriptures abound with moments of joy, humor

Some may think it sacrilegious to suggest the Bible could include humor. It deals in serious matters of eternal life and death. Comedy in our culture is often frivolous and vulgar. However, the Bible honestly portrays humans who sometimes were witty. We miss the funny moments because ancient stories are familiar and from the Bible’s lean writing style — no descriptions of laughing crowds. Here are some examples:


Hunnicutt: Hemmed in by too-strict boundaries

Fortune magazine recently published an article on Oregon Senate Bill 1537, legislation Gov. Tina Kotek managed to push through this year’s Legislature in a scaled back form.

Letter to Readers: Runaway paper bags and grocery store ‘gallantry’

We should all have at least one humorous and humbling public experience every month or so. On a recent Saturday I had two. They were 20 minutes apart. Both were funny for me, and they must have been ...

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