Randy Stapilus: State help may be best hope for community newspapers

About the writer: Randy Stapilus is a former reporter and editor who has turned to writing and publishing books from Carlton. He has devoted his career to covering poli tics and government in Oregon, Washington ...

Kirby Neumann-Rea/News-Register ##A peacock figure stands in the parking strip along Galloway, in front of a home adorned with numerous metal buckets turned into planters.

Calendar of Quirk: Placidly through the noise and haste, special notes from around town

From a peacock figure to streetside “Desiderata,” this week provides a particularly unusual combination of Quirk: July 17 Homeowners on Brooks Street near Macy Street have a sign with the ...

Autoimmune breakthrough holds phenomenol promise

In my 40 years of practicing medicine, I’ve been privileged to have a front-row seat to therapeutic advances surpassed only by the medical revolutions of vaccines, anesthesia and antibiotics.

##Neil Goldschmidt in his political prime in 1979.

Goldschmidt ‘what if’ almost 40 years later

I am a little torn about what to do with one of the mugs at my desk. Not the A&W float glass or the Linfield University one. Those I keep. This is a thrift shop purchase, a faded item dating to the ...

Whatchamacolumn: Dangerous curves on Highway 130 need guard rails

Direct to the point: The sharp curves at Upton Falls along Little Nestucca River Road — Oregon 130 — should have protective guardrails installed to prevent driver deaths. I’ve thought ...

Kirby Neumann-Rea/News-Register##Someone put together a bicycle frame and person-powered lawn mower and parked it on a Riverside Drive lawn.

Calendar of Quirk: Short glimpses of northeast McMinnville with its unlikely neighbors, mazes and quiet spaces

The “Compass” of Quirk turns northeast of McMinnville, after some recent southside McMinnville entries. The area just northeast of town beyond city limits is an area of Quirk strata, as highways ...

Whatchamacolumn: Surrounding the Fourth of July with political debate

This week’s column, written and published via e-edition on July 3, goes into a newspaper issue dated July 5 for mailed delivery in print on Friday. We thus are surrounding the 4th of July after experiencing ...

Kirby Neumann-Rea/News-Register##Signage and other decor frequently change on the fence at South Maple and Second streets, Yamhill.

Calendar of Quirk: Quirk list at its midpoint is scratching the surface of unusual yard art

Calendar of Quirk reaches its midpoint with a look back, and a look around at … … Quirk that had come and gone before we could list it, such as the double-sided U.S./Oregon flag that flew ...

Mark Davis: Cut the gasoline, then the asphalt and driver

While crossing the street on a recent visit to San Francisco, I looked up on one of that city’s steep iconic steep hills and saw a car heading straight for me with nobody at the wheel. I leaped back toward the curb, then started on across the street as the driverless car glided to a smooth stop and waited for me to use the crosswalk.

Archibald-Pannone: Elder fraud soaring to epidemic proportions

By LAURIE ARCHBALD-PANNONEOf the University of Virginia Medical School Americans 60 and older lost more than $3 billion to scammers in 2023, according to the FBI. As a geriatrician — a doctor who ...

Investigating the Bible: Picturing a humble nation on the Fourth

There’s a fable of an elephant and a flea who walked together across an old wooden bridge. When they reached the other side, the flea said to the elephant, “Boy, did we shake that thing!” Human tendency is toward pride, neglecting the contributions of others. One powerful king of Israel humbly recognized his need for God and lived by that truth.


Investigating the Bible: Tests, temptations, and evil for eternity

A religious man faced some strong temptation. The enticement was winning, since he prayed, “Please Lord, give me strength to resist this temptation, but not now!” On any drive to a local store, there can be something lurking to wedge into our weaknesses: Breaking the speed limit, alcohol, tobacco, unhealthy foods, gambling, road rage, and much more. And we may face painful difficulties or illness. Jesus gave his followers a prayer that responds to the challenge of temptations and troubles.

Conkling & McCormick: Changing student needs demand funding change

Large Oregon school districts are cutting millions of dollars from their budgets, which translates into significant cuts in personnel and thus larger class sizes, as state funding has failed to keep pace with rising inflation and expanding expectations.


Higgins and Bernard: Boost your immune system with age-old hack: vacccines

There are a dizzying number of tips, hacks and recommendations on how to stay healthy, from dietary supplements to what color of clothes promotes optimal wellness. Some are based on good evidence, thus helpful, while others are not.


Whatchamacolumn: Ticketmaster and the ravages of cybercrime

Good things, said ancient Greek philosophers and Chinese numerologists, come in threes, and millennia of folklore added “bad things” to belief in that pattern. It has a name – apophenia ...

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