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Yamhill police officer returns to duty after period of administrative leave

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Am i the only one that finds it kinda odd that when law enforcement officers get accused of doing something wrong they simply ask their buddies in a neighboring police department and their buddies at the DA's office to investigate? Why not have it set up so a team of impartial people investigate? You could have a LEO or two on the team but also a couple of random citizens and a couple of local defense attorneys too. Wishful thinking i guess.


Thank goodness we have a free press to at least tell us that something happened.


According to Yamhill County District Attorney Brad Berry{

... the NR article on this case indicates that we made decisions related to prosecution. We did not. The case was conflicted out to another county that ruled there was no crime committed.

He also said: ... criticism comes with the job, but the article should accurately reflect where the decision was made.

He relayed the word to me in response to this posting, in order to set the record straight.

Hope that helps.

Steve Bagwell, Editorial Page Editor

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