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Pride support dominates here, but still has its ugly dissenters

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Those who do not support a month of LGBTQ celebration are "misguided and wronghearted" in your opinion. Well in my opinion, continuing to publish the Newberg City Councilor's statement and slander him with your tone and articles is shameful. How can others speak or display "the courage of their convictions" when the News Register gleefully and repeatedly announces those convictions and hails them as misguided and wronghearted. No, rather, you are discouraging people from having proper and mature dialogue about issues. McBride’s comment was not hateful, he was just disagreeing with a new administrative action in the city he now serves. Why shouldn’t he be able to share an opinion at that council meeting without you writing articles slandering him, and anyone else who shares his view? I take great offense to that.


Purposely choosing to disagree with a “proclamation “ of support for a group because they have a different outlook is indeed misguided and wrong hearted. It’s merely a statement of support ......speaking against it is a political act....and shows intolerance of fellow members of the community that McBride is supposed to represent...