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Police video secrecy an unwarranted step

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There is no one blanket policy or law that is going to be able to come into play here. Politicians will "like" whatever they think will get them votes at the next election, giving much credence to lawyers in the legislative council office that are wrong as often as they are right. Any law that is passed will probably be argued and litigated for years and years to come.
Is anyone going to FOIA the release of the welfare check where naked grandma is rescued from a fall in the bathtub?
How about HIPAA for a medical call be it at home, in the front yard or at a car wreck?
How about the witness that is "accidently" captured in a few frames and suffers retaliation because of that.
Remember the NR photo of a fatal car wreck on 99 near Durham lane 12-15 years ago and how much controversy, hate and discontent was raised because the NR published the photo of a victim whose feet were not covered up? This wasn't a body shot, just the feet! I knew and had worked with that victim up until about 6 months before the accident and he was a good friend.
The Senate has one heck of a tough job trying to find middle ground. I would suggest we look a little further than just Police Officers and Unions. The ALCU is going to cost the tax payers an awful lot of money no matter what legislation comes out. And if it isn't the ACLU, it will be the news media.

As to the 54 Officer average...don't forget the 49,000 plus LOD injuries every year, some of which are career ending.....

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