By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Panel investigates complaints against commissioners

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A little known fact. According to the Yamhill County budget, the supposedly magnanimous action by Starrett of refusing PERS and instead having the County pay into her personal 401K actually costs the taxpayers of the County more money than if she took PERS like everyone else. She would be an OPSRP employee so her PERS would essentially be a 401K anyway - and cost less to the citizens. This scheme was actually hatched by Leslie Lewis some years ago so she could funnel county money into the 401K that she had with her husband's business. Nothing magnanimous about it at all.


With our county commissioners having to respond to all these complaints it is a wonder anything else gets done.


Oldee: It seems as if little else does get done. The county that once embarked on a 10-year campaign to end homelessness can't even seem to muster the gumption to accept state assistance. Maybe it's just come to view urban homelessness as a gift that keeps on giving politically.



Oldeee - they aren't getting anything done except claiming the work of others as their own (like the fentanyl education program), exempting themselves from basic expectations like anti-bullying policies, and wasting time on local gun sanctuary laws that will never stand legal challenges.


It's time for Starrett to go!


"Keeping our party pissed off so they'll donate campaign $$$"
is really hard to fit on a the front of a red baseball hat.

Anger = $$$
Solving issues = No $$$

and the endless outrage cycle continues.

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