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New climate report bleak, but still offers some hope

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Tom Hammer

The UN IPCC commissioned 102 climate models in the early 1070's. Their premise was that a rise in CO2 levels would create a corresponding rise in GAST, average Earth Temperature. CO2 rose from 280 parts per million to 420 parts per million primarily from volcanic activity. UN IPCC models predicted a 1 degree centigrade rise. But, GAST did not change appreciably. The UN IPCC tried to cover up the failure of their computer models by altering temperature data collected from around the globe. They were caught in the cover up in 2009. That was called Climategate. the head of the UN IPCC in East Anglia Univ. U.K. was fired. However the UN IPCC never did acknowledge the failure of their premise. They rebranded global warming, calling it climate change. The same bought and paid for corrupt "scientists" that lied in 2009 are telling the same lies they are paid to tell today with this 4 year 4000 page report. They surmise that people will forget they got caught lying over a decade ago. Those who wrote this article assume the IPCC isn't lying this time. They quote all the statistics meant to excite the layman. What could go wrong?

Don Dix

Coming out a cold period (Little Ice Age - approx 1350-1850) the Earth, as always throughout it's history, warmed. Some have seen this as an inroad to scare the population into compliance - and tax the hell out of carbon. Biased accounting leads to biased reports, and cheating historical temps down to fit the narrative is only the beginning. Those that disagree get a label, even respected, credible scientists, some of whom were on the original IPCC panel. If one refuses to seek all the facts from all respondents, there is only one conclusion - you are to blame.