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Let’s cut the political theater; careers and lives are at stake

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Don Dix

So a radical congresswoman from NY visited Newberg activists 'to discuss local issues' -- to what end? She has no sway over anything Oregon, but is always looking for ways to draw attention.

This particular rep. is at the tip of the 'defund police' movement. Ironically, and definitely deceitful, she has spent thousands on personal security since being elected to Congress. So AOC's increased security is paid for by taxpayers, yet her desire is for the average citizen to have less security by axing police budgets (also paid by taxpayers).

This woman claims to believe in her cause, yet her actions say the opposite -- take off the partisan blinders and see her as she is -- a total, blatant hypocrite.


You mean like Ted Cruz?....or Lindsey Graham?.......being a hypocrite is standard procedure in politics these days...seemingly on both sides...

Don Dix

Cruz - hypocrite, Graham - hypocrite. But neither met with the local Newberg activists, so the response was to AOC being in the county acting as if she is there to champion a cause (without any actual, legal influence). That's just plain meddling for attention and press releases, and nothing else. It's a typical move for every'attention whore' on the planet, from this perspective.


What abut our local ‘attention whores’? Why does our sherif need to proclaim he will not do what he has not been asked to do? Why do we have a county commissioner who who tries to make health care providers violate Oregon laws? Another of our commissioners appears at ‘back the blue’ rallies, while on her blog she professes support for a convicted bomber who puposely set time delays on one of his bombs


Hit the wrong key. Eric Rudolph set a time delay on one of his bombs in order to injure first responders including police officers? That makes Starrett majorly hippocritical

Don Dix

Our sheriff wasn't alone with his notification (several made the same call). The message was 'don't call the dept. with mask-related complaints' -- 'we have much more important issues to with which to deal'. That shouldn't confuse anyone should it?

And the 'Newberg gathering' with a congresswoman who represents a district 2500 miles away isn't a little peculiar? Where's Suzanne when one of her colleagues is out here stirring the pot?

Erin C.

Look, I can admit I have a weakness for ten dollar words. And this article makes some crucially important points. But it is a common rule of thumb in journalism to write plainly and for good reason. This article with all its vital points and relevance to our county comes off as elitist and self indulgent.