By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Group asks Starrett to mask up

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Starrett is correct, and I stand by her decision.

Amity fan

IMO, Starrett is just a self-serving hubristic demagogue. No concept of caring for or about others, and no concept of leadership. In her mind, its all about herself. She cites a study in Denmark instead of the CDC or Oregon Health Authority. Last I checked we don't live in Denmark. It is deplorable that she is the liaison commissioner for the Health and Human Services Department. She should be at the forefront of setting a good example. Instead she's more interested in being at the center of the local cabal.


but will she wear a ventilator?


Clearly, she believes she is too good for the rules that the “little people” are expected to follow. She is a rich Portlander/New Yorker who doesn’t care about the health of her constituents or what they have to say about her behavior. And why should she? She’s so much better than us....


She needs to be removed from office. Is there a way to start a re-call? She needs to leave Yamhill County. Yes, she does believe that she is better than us and doesn't care about our health.


If Ms. Starrett isn't willing to do the smallest, simplest, most obvious thing to help protect the community during the worst public health crisis in a century, what is she even doing in office? It's people like her that make it impossible for the immunocompromised and at-risk population to go out at all, while endangering the slightly less at-risk people we depend on to brave the outside world for us. I wish the people who refuse to even try not to infect themselves and others were as reluctant to use up valuable medical care when they end up sick.

tl;dr: Mary Starrett is the reason we can't have nice things.


Republican admin have the same belief and now they are one by one all getting the virus including the oldest among them. Few Democrats wearing masks have been infected. If a person cares about others at all, they would take measures to minimize the risk. Mary Starrett is selfish and does not care about others that may be immune compromised and cannot just stay home. Personal responsibility also means not doing things that could harm others, like driving drunk, putting a lock on your guns, putting your children in car seat and/or seatbelts. We should all be demonstrating love for each other and try to get through this pandemic without loosing people we love.


Mary is a complete fool! If she actually looked at the Danish study she is using to defend her position it proves what a fool she is. Included in the study, the authors of the study say it should not be used to say masks do not work. WTF!! What an incredibly selfish attitude. Doesn’t even take the time to read up on what she is talking about! We need help from everyone in this pandemic and Mary is not being helpful. She is a selfish fool who doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. May the gods help us!


Since Mary’s use of the Danish study to defend her not wearing a mask is complete BS, maybe she would like to enlighten us to another of her sources of misinformation, she said she could show multiple studies. Starrett is NOT correct! She is a fool!


The penalty for not wearing a mask should not be a ticket / fine. It should be community service in the morgue moving Covid-19 bodies.


People that refuse to wear masks in public settings are showing ignorance of science and a willful disregard for the health of their fellow citizens.......


I will try to hold back. Starrett is anti science. She has, on more than occasion, expressed her negative views on vaccines. How can she be allowed to serve as liaison to Health and Human Services? How can she be allowed to serve as commissioner? If one thinks it’s bad now, just wait until her crony is seated in January. When the recall comes out, I will help distribute it!


The message Commissioner Starrett is sending our community by her dismissive approach to a simple act of human decency is astoundingly arrogant! She stated at the BOC meeting that the virus in 99.8% survivable. So in essence, the dead don't matter and she is also ignoring the data that the possibility of long term after effects are a high probability for many people and we are still learning more daily.
It's staggering a county leader, boils down to, a toddler running around screaming "NO"! The more she and those who follow her lead push back on simply masking the longer the restrictions will continue. She thinks she's winning when in actuality Covid19 is winning.


Starrett has repeatedly shown her incompetence for leadership.
It’s baffling the comparison of COVID vs mental illness. Should someone tell her that mental illness isn’t contagious but COVID is?
Also, her comment “the government is trying to control us”should alarm everyone....she’s a known conspiracy theorist and continues to get wackier at every public statement she offers. The only thing the government is trying to control is the virus.
Pure narcissistic behavior. Amazing!


It wouldn't matter what Starrett does - you guys wouldn't like it.....She obviously knows her rights. Back off and do your job for once.


It wouldn't matter what Starrett does - you guys wouldn't like it.....She obviously knows her rights. Back off and do your job for once.


Yes...It’s all about HER rights......leadership & protection of the public comes second....


How about a sack over her head to fend off woodpeckers?


I am just wondering after reading these responses, is there anyone that can do anything about her listening? or reading these? She is too arrogant to step down or move away.. Wake up City Councilors, Wake up who-ever she reports to..


Recall Starrett before she convinces more people to go mask less. Our cases will continue to go up and some people will lose friends and family to COVID-19. Wait until the vaccines are available, she will probably speak out against them. When her buddy Lindsay comes on board there will be endless right wing agendas being forced on our county that serve them and not those who really care about the health and prosperity of our community. They have already proven that they will stop at nothing to build their royal court.


She is a disgrace.


Miata1991, Commissioner Starrett reports to us, the voters of Yamhill County. And we failed to vote her out in 2018, so we are stuck with her until 2022. Unless, as several commenters pointed out, there is a successful recall.


She is not going maskless. She said she wore a mask while coming and going. Everyone seems so quick to jump on the band wagon to persecute her....We are not suppose to ask about medical conditions or show proof for comfort dogs, phoney or not. Why is no one even entertaining the idea that it might be difficult for her to wear one and that she has been tested? Everyone who cant or wont gets all put out if someone asks them about not wearing a mask.....All you guys have such a high and mighty attitude its sickening. I personally cant wear one for very long as it makes me dizzy and gives me a headache. I bet all of you voted for Kate Brown. Why dont you focus of complaining about her and illegal regulation over you and your 4th amendment.

Amity fan

@LML, no one is persecuting poor Mary. She loves the attention as she practices her methods of nihilism. She has no medical condition. Her every move is to counter anything and everything that Governor Brown says - period. I'm not a fan of the Governor either, but wearing a mask is about protecting herself and others, which Mary has consistently shown no consideration for. She holds a position of responsibility both as a commissioner and as the liaison to H&HS. Its high time she start thinking about others and practice personal rights responsibly.


Some people are saying that our government isn't doing enough regarding the Covid-19. I think they are wrong, it's the citizens of Oregon who are balking at the restrictions. "I don't have to wear a mask" is something I hear EVERY F-ing DAY. Please people what the hell do you want our government to do?????? If you won't help yourself by following the edict of our State, what the heck do you expect?????????? If you don't want to wear a mask or follow the rules stay away from the general population so that YOU don't spread whatever. Geez I am so tired of people complaining about having to wear a mask or not listening to the medical personnel. They are doing ALL they can to keep YOU ALL STAY SAFE and what do you do? Complain. I find it kind of annoying having to wear a mask, but I do it. I do it so I won't catch it, I don't want my loved ones to catch it either. If some of you don't want to wear a mask stay home, don't venture out. STOP the Pouting, foot stomping, "you can't make me" attitudes. Geesh.


She is an absolute disgrace. Such an awful human being.

vball fan

Frightening that Starrett is so uneducated. This is a woman who makes decisions for our community. Scary!!