By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County withdraws appeal of gun ordinance ruling

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SASO? Second amendment sanctuary ordinance? More waste of time and resources for a personal agenda?

DB Cooper

Let's remember this when next election cycle rolls around.
Instead of using money to help clean up your community, help homeless people, fund police or do literally anything else. Your faithfully inept County Commissioners chose to throw away $25,000 of taxpayer money on legal fees to an attorney they are personally involved with, on a court ruling they knew they couldn't win. Party of fiscal responsibility right here


This is what happens when you "cheery pick" from things like the second ammendment. If you regulated the as a whole only those in "well regulated militia" would have the statement "shall not be infringed" apply to them.


Should have been "cherry pick".


Yamhill County citizens got what they voted for. It is so sad to see the demise of Yamhill County government. Wasted money, personal agendas, quid pro quo, corruption at the highest levels of Commissioners and County Administration. I can only hope that people finally wake up and start doing their homework before the next election.


If she wants to see an inept politician, the mirror would be the best place to look.


It's also interesting to see a quote claiming "they will be passing" an ordinance in the immediate future. One that has not been on an agenda, available for review, or debated in public. Surely our commissioners are not discussing County business outside of public inspection, right?? Public Meetings Law prohibits policy discussions except in noticed public meetings. Yet whatever changes are planned in a new iteration have had support (likely illegally) expressed at some time other than commissioner meetings.

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