By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Commissioners debate SEDCOR, discuss creating media position

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A media person working for the commission would just be a shill for Bershauer and Starrett. Especially without a long-term contract. But it is true both have PR problems. They just need to hire their own spokespeople to polish their reputations, and not at county expense.


Unrelated to my previous comment, it sure would help this story if it explained what is meant by "traded sector industries."

Reporter Starla Pointer

"traded sector" refers to companies that sell their wares in other states or countries, rather than locally. It was a new term to me when I started covering business last year; I had to look it up then.


So after Paolo rescued the radio project that previous commissioners screwed up and got it in good shape they got rid of him. He worked hard obtaining millions in federal grants and good project management to deliver one of the best radio systems in the state. No surprise here that once he was out of the picture over six years ago the system is now once again broken due to a lack of management, maintenance, and upgrades. Now us citizens once again face a multi-million dollar project because no one took care of what he put in place. Unbelievable!