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Commissioners complain administrator failed to produce

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Thank you Mary for once again showing you enjoy spreading false facts about your savings of taxpayer money. Maybe instead of thowing out fodder for your cons


Your constituents, instead of the truth. You really are a big bag of foul air!


Do Huffer and Berschauer never talk to each other outside of Board Meetings? She's the Board Chair. He's supposedly the County Administrator knocking down a huge paycheck to administrate. In a month he never had the opportunity to meet with her and ask her what she needed to continue the discussion? Maybe now he knows what it feels like to be publicly and falsely accused of things.


IMO, Huffer and Berschauer are grossly unqualified to be in the positions they're in. End result, the citizens are left with the huge bill for sub-par services.


Berschauer and Starrett are completely inept. They don't even pretend to be doing their jobs, and are too lazy to do any legwork. They sit on their thrones issuing decrees on a whim, doling out our money to their pet projects with zero analysis or oversight. They make stupid decisions and then try to blame everyone but themselves. Berschauer is the county liaison to Sedcor, a fact which she seems to be unaware of? They actually seem to get worse with each passing week.


Elect clowns - expect a circus.


Thank you Mary and Lindsay once again for looking out for the taxpayers


The 26% of registered voters that hate government have spoken.


Srty22....what part of it not being taxpayer money do you not understand? You are a prime example of the critical thinking of BS supporters, so sad!

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