By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Board to Gov. Brown: End vaccine mandate

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Two of our commissioners continue to waste taxpayer time with their ideological onanism.


Do they waste tax payer money by questioning authority. OHA just disclosed over 500 supposed cases that didn't get reported because a "computer gliche". As a round of COVID presented in this home - vaccinated and un-vaccinated contracted COVID - the Yamhill County Health Department never verified. Two phones calls made to the county health department were never returned. How do they know only 30% of vaccinated are breakthrough cases when you can never speak to a county health official and the state's reporting system always seems to have "made a mistake". This is not questioning the ability of science to stop a virus' deadly path. This is questioning human beings on the insistence that one method is the only way to beat it.


2-1 surprise kulla is an embarrassment


Kulla believes that the government owns you. Remember that next election.


Sending a letter? Quite apart from the substance of the issue, two of our commissioners see it as their mission to blow ideological smoke to make their base happy, regardless of whether this is their jurisdiction. Waste of time, if nothing else.


This citizen is profoundly grateful for Casey Kulla's solitary voice of reason, and ethical governance. I supported his campaign, I voted for him, and Yamhill citizens are extremely fortunate that he is willing to stand up for us. Thank you Casey!

Bill B

I echo Treefarmers comments. I didn't vote for Casey, but I will next time.