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Ballot counting all but finished

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I remember the good old days when we didn't have direct electronic voting or computer readable ballots. Deprived of the assistance of advanced computers, we were compelled to wait for the ballots to be counted by teams of volunteers (representing Republicans as well as Democrats and independents). We seldom knew the results of an election until about midnight on election day or maybe noon the day after. Notable exceptions were the recounts to resolve a disputed election such as the 2000 Presidential election. (I still want to know who impregnated all of those Chads for Gore.). I guess it takes time to keep searching the courthouse for boxes of ballots that somehow hadn't been counted until the Democrat or Democrat sponsored Ballot Measure wins.


Those Dems are very clever the way they supposedly add or change ballots without ever leaving a shred of evidence to be found.



It would be extremely easy to pre-program the vote tabulation computers to flip a certain percentage of votes for one candidate to another. Ditto on flipping a certain number of votes from "No" to "yes" on ballot measures. Since it has been discovered that voting computers are equipped with cellular modems that enable remote access by third parties, allegations of election fraud cannot be casually dismissed. Since the Oregon Secretary of State has arbitrarily and illegally decreed that Ballot Measure 114 shall go into effect only 30 days after election day even though the ballots in this close election are still being counted rather than 30 days after the election has been certified as clearly stated in the text of the ballot measure, allegations of election fraud are extremely credible.


You claim it’s extremely easy to change the programming yet no evidence has ever been found …. Audits of physical ballots & recounts in multiple states don’t support your theory. When you claim the election was rigged only when your candidate/ measure fails, it sounds like sour grapes. Prove your claims in court or accept the will of the voters.



The problem in AZ were printers not tabulation equipment. There is zero evidence of programming manipulation that changes any case, tabulation equipment cannot change physical ballots, so any audit would match actual ballots with results, which is what they did in Maricopa county previously...and found no fraud. My point stands.


"Jesus says that Violence, intimidation, and bullying, is how we convince everyone to do what we want so let's all act like jerks all the time while holding guns" is really hard to fit on a red hat.

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