Barbara Brown 1943 - 2023

Dear Mom,
In 1958, you moved from California to McMinnville with your parents, David and Helen Miller, and siblings, Jimmy and Deanna. You were a proud graduate of McMinnville High School and had many career experiences which always accommodated our childhood schedules. You were always there for us.

Growing up, we were the only kids on our street who had to come home before dark, and you transported us wherever we needed to go. The free rides were interesting, and sometimes we would ask to get out of the car and spare our friends the sight of you in your bathrobe with rollers in your hair! You had beautiful hair, but often preferred to jazz things up with one of your many wigs that would have put Marge Simpson to shame! An Elvis song would be guaranteed to bring out your glorious dimples, and stories of your professed love for the “King.” We loved how you would turn the stereo up loud and dance—you were a great dancer! You loved to wear high heels and rocked those false eyelashes like no other! You made every holiday special and would always interject your own family experiences which were an effort to instill gratitude. You made sure we all had braces, even though they cost a small fortune. You were always thinking of us, with roller skates coming home from a big win in Reno, and the goodies from New Year's Eve at the Elks Club. The “little things” did count, and we remember.

As we started our own families, you had more room in your heart for your grandchildren, Jessica, Kylee, Makki, Michael, Emma, Jake, Jackson, and Sutton. They loved you to bits, and knew you always had ice cream! They are missing you terribly, but we will keep your memory alive.

You truly dedicated your life to us, and we will do our best to honor your kind and loving spirit. Thank you for loving us so much.
Julie (Paul), Jennifer (Craig), Janel (Shawn)



Mac class of???

Don Dix

Class of '61, I believe.


My wife and I were young adults of the same generation and she enjoyed her wigs and lashes as well.

Don Dix

Barbara was my wife's cousin.

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