Sheridan mayor: Marianne Thomson

Marianne Thomson

Occupation: Owner/publisher, The Bulletin Board

Education: Did not answer

Town of residence: Sheridan

Length of time in the jurisdiction to be served: 16 years


Describe your reasons for running.

Sheridan is in a revitalization process. My main goal as mayor would be to keep this positive momentum moving forward.


Briefly, but specifically, cite any personal background and involvement you have that would help you serve if elected.

I have attended Sheridan School Board meetings on a regular basis for the past few years. I also serve on several boards, including the Sheridan Chamber, Rotary, Sheridan Museum of History and the Grand Sheramina Food Bank. I also chair the Rotary Riverfront Parks Sub-committee.

One of the many benefits of these memberships is the opportunity to spend time listening to a wide range of people who live in Sheridan.


What are the top three issues facing your jurisdiction, and briefly state your approach or solution?

Did not answer.


Listening and connecting with constituents is a commonly-stated goal, but how would you go about it?

I would encourage community involvement and ideas.


How have you prepared for the possibility you will be elected, and make a difference once you’d take office?

Closely following and reporting on meetings (for the Bulletin Board) has provided me with considerable history and information regarding the operations of the city of Sheridan.


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