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Dayton issues temporary ban on outdoor watering

DAYTON -- The City of Dayton has declared a Grade 2 water crisis, prohibiting all water customers from the following actions:

* Watering, sprinkling of irrigating any lawn, grass, turf, flowers, vegetation or trees;

* Washing vehicles of any kinds, except in facilities reusing the water in their washing process;

* Power washing building;

* Watering or wetting down any walkway, driveway, parking lot or other hard surfaced areas, except where there is a demonstrable need in order to meet public health or safety requirements, such as to alleviate or address fire or sanitation hazards; and

* Filling decorative water features like fountains, lakes, ponds and streams, except in limited amounts necessary to keep fish or other aquatic animals alive. 

Dayton is the second area city to implement water restrictions.Lafayette residents also are on limited water use, with no outdoor watering allowed.

In a press release, City Manager Scott Pingel said:

"Due to diminished water production from the City’s water resources, and with continued high temperatures on the horizon, the City of Dayton is now in a water crisis. This measure is necessary to reduce water use and ensure the City’s ability to continue to provide needed water supply to its customers. Until this matter is resolved, all customers must discontinue outdoor water usage so that there is enough water to supply essential community needs. Conservation tips and other information can be found on the City’s website at

This notice requires all customers to discontinue outdoor water usage. Any customer who does not observe this mandatory restriction may be subject to their water service being shut-off and/or a fine imposed. The City of Dayton continues to strive to provide quality water services and meet the water demands of the community through the summer, and we appreciate the community’s support of this measure. Please contact City Hall if you have any questions."



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