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After icy weekend, don't expect a white Christmas

The National Weather Service says the worst may be over for dangerous driving conditions caused by recent snowfall. But Yamhill County residents should still beware of icy roads this weekend.

Meteorologist Jeremiah Pyle said the Willamette Valley could get a little more snow between Salem and Portland this weekend.

"We're expecting a dusting of a half inch at most," he said. "We're trying to highlight this because whatever falls will stick to the ground, melt and freeze as ice."

As a result, he said, "People will want to take caution over the weekend while they're traveling."

Pyle said overnight temperatures in McMinnville and the valley could dip into the teens Friday night. That means icy roads through the weekend.

By Monday, however, highs should be headed into the 40s, and lows should rise in tandem, Pyle said. He said that should produce warming rain, melting off any remaining remnants of ice and snow,

"Things should start to moderate on Monday," he said. "We'll have a wet Monday and Tuesday, and we should get a pretty good slug of rain, starting Monday."

Anyone dreaming of a white Christmas, or perhaps dreading one, can clear any such thoughts, Pyle said. As a result, he doesn't anticipate major travel problems over the holiday weekend.

"I think by Christmas, we'll be OK in terms of travel within the valley, assuming nothing else comes up on the horizon that we don't know about," he said. "Our extended forecasts look positive at this point."

A winter weather advisory remains in effect for McMinnville and the rest of the Willamette Valley until 10 p.m. Saturday.

However, Pyle reiterated that no one is likely to get snowed in. "It could be nothing more than a flurry or a dusting," he said.



Don Dix

Over time I have spent numerous hours shoveling several inches of these so-called 'nothing more than a flurry or a dusting'. And 2 days ago, today (Sat.) was forecast to be just cold and cloudy, according to 'the experts'. A great gig considering the accuracy rate is below 40% (about the same as the groundhog forecast).

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