Rockne Roll/News-RegisterBerms and large rocks in the Thwaites’ front yard create a varied terrain that allows for several types of landscaping.

Urban farmers

Couple brings love of growing to city space

Lessons taught by our dogs

Each had a piece of wisdom to impart

Hark, the raven

Newberg novelist completes fourth cyberthriller 

Sam Aldridge

Peer-based ministry is church focus

Living Waters meets at Sue Buel Elementary

Library of CongressMajor General Alexander M. Patch Jr., the commander in charge of the Oregon Maneuver, talks to Colonel Roy R. Gerfen while riding in the passenger seat of a Jeep driven by Brigadier General E.S. Sebree in New Caledonia in 1942.

War-games campaign covered Central Oregon

Massive maneuver was Pacific Northwest's largest training exercise

Analyzing advice on portly puppies

Higgly Piggly's abundance of body prompts diet research

Starla Pointer/News-RegisterBill Lawrence carefully disassembles one of his electric planes in order to remove the battery. He likes electric models because they are clean and quiet, he said.

Reaching the wild blue yonder

'Glider Bill' got hooked on planes as a child

Submitted photoBooths like Urban German will serve up sausages and other German foods during Newberg’s third-annual Oktoberfest in Memorial Park.

Want sauerkraut with that?

Newberg event features German-style food and fun

Senior moment or memory overload?

Maybe our minds are rebelling at all our commands

Marcus Larson/News-RegisterOn a table filled with vintage family photos, Frank Maynard’s favorite is the high school graduation portrait of his wife, Mabel.

From moo to museum

Pioneer family farm became Evergreen

Marcus Larson/News-RegisterMarque and Cody Wright behind the serving bar of Purple Hands new tasting room in the Dundee Hills.

Wright again

Winemaker’s son makes his own way

People, pets can participate in run/walk

Dog-friendly event benefits Homeward Bound shelter

Preserving the summer season

With fall in the air, there's a certain sense of priority on stocking the larder

How to recognize, address senior gambling problems

Addicts can face devastating financial woes

A world without paper?

Thanks, but no thanks

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