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Selected editorial cartoon from the News-Register Viewpoints section.

Talisse: Surprising midterm result defies simple explanation

The results from the U.S. midterm elections came as a shock to many.

The sitting president’s party typically suffers significant losses in House, Senate and gubernatorial races in the first midterm election of a president’s term. Accordingly, several analysts projected a “red wave” – even a “red tsunami” – producing massive Republican gains across the electoral board.

Ziv: Preserving democracy in Israel poses challenge

By GUY ZIVOf American University Israel’s political magician has done it again. Having been turned out of office in 2021 as the first sitting Israeli prime minister to be indicted – and with ...

Back, and Forth: Bring Santa down to earth, and other parade suggestions

A Jolly Rancher candy once hit me in the eye. Cherry, I think it was. I was watching a Fourth of July parade and an enthusiastic Boy Scout hurled the candy our direction. The kid had a great arm. I was ...

Bladine: Amid risks, still a spirit of giving

I’m thankful that December comes just once a year — a festive and cheerful time, for sure, but imagine the strains on our physical, emotional and financial conditions if every month were December. It’s ...

Submitted photo##First spotted near Michigan in 2002, the emerald ash borer was discovered in Oregon this year in Forest Grove

Watkins & Gorman: Ash borer eats its way into Western Oregon

A shiny green insect is making big — and devastating — news in Oregon.

The dreaded emerald ash borer has completed its two-decade trek west to our state, making its first appearance in stands of ash in Forest Grove in neighboring Washington County. En route, it has killed millions of ash trees in the U.S.

Back, and Forth: Uncorking a few thoughts on ‘cozy’ towns

A confession: I love lists. The media term “listicle” faded a few years ago, but the items are still around, and we get them all the time in the form of press releases. Like some of these ...

Scambos: Antarctica's riskiest glacier is under assault from below

Flying over Antarctica, it’s hard to see what all the fuss is about.

Like a gigantic wedding cake, the frosting of snow on top of the world’s largest ice sheet looks smooth and unblemished, beautiful and perfectly white. Little swirls of snow dunes cover the surface.

Bladine: A dubious decade of financial trickery

There no longer is any doubt: J.W. Millegan of McMinnville is smart, competent, slippery, financially adept, and gifted in using legal ploys to delay or overcome civil and criminal convictions. All of ...

News-Register file photo##Pictured here in this 2015 file photo Emmalea Drew helps Aiyahna Chulik-Ruff and her younger sister, Aurora, pick out Christmas presents for each other while shopping at Hopscotch in downtown McMinnville.

Meador: Shopping at home for the holidays

When I was a kid, my mother applauded retailers like Nordstrom for holding off on Christmas advertising and decoration until after Thanksgiving.


Submitted photo##Artist rendition of what the Gwendolyn Hotel project would look like if approved.

Downtown development debate: What's at issue

Portland-based Hugh Development has stirred debate with plans to demolish historic buildings at 609, 611 and 619 N.E. Third St., making way for a historically compatible 90-room hotel, the Gwendolyn, featuring ...

Back, and Forth: Old world becomes new

The passion for journalism remains for Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and lawyer Steve Kurkjian, who spoke Nov. 9 in Ice Auditorium at Linfield University. Kurkjian told the 50 or so people in the ...

Submitted photo##Artist rendition of what the Gwendolyn Hotel project would look like if approved.

Clarke: Aim of Gwendolyn Hotel project to maintain, embrace

By ANDREW CLARKEFounder, Hugh Development LLC Hugh Development, a Portland-based real estate development company, is in contract to purchase three properties on Third Street in downtown McMinnville for ...

Bladine: Economics not there for a rehab

The News-Register, and our family, can say this about the Gwendolyn Hotel: It is not “our project.” That is no disrespect to the Hugh Development proposal to build an expansive hotel, restaurant ...

News-Register file photo##Picture of the corner of Third and Ford streets, where a hotel development is under consideration.

Paddock: Rue the day aging buildings worth more dead than alive

You will find stunning eloquence in numerous submissions from the public defending our historic downtown. Check them out in Historic Landmarks Committee files, posted online.

This wasn’t always the sentiment. It’s taken time and dedication from the community to turn downtown around.

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