Christine Bartholomew: Too many groceries in one basket?

FTC legal challenge complicates merger of Kroger and Albertsons

Whatchamacolumn: At every level, regulatory overreach strangles America

Pure and simple: Government rules, laws, mandates and regulatory overreach have strangled America. Not “are strangling,” as has been lamented nonstop for decades, but “have strangled.” Consider ...

Kirby Neumann-Rea/News-Register##Alf’s monkey sculpture on the checkered patio holds hefty burger in his paw and yummy strawberry cone in his tail.

Calendar of Quirk: Presenting a collection we call the ‘Baker Street Irregulars’

Winding our way down Baker Street this week (thank you, Gerry Rafferty), we remember that fellow Scotsman Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday was May 22, 1859, so in honor of the author of the Sherlock ...

##Nicole Montesano

Letter to Readers: Veteran N-R reporter bids farewell, starts new chapter

Dear readers, For the last 30 years, it has been my privilege to write for you as a reporter for the News-Register. We’ve talked about county politics, land use and county government for the last ...

Whatchamacolumn: Brief user manual for readers of hazelnut story

Oregon’s second largest hazelnut processor called it quits this week — see today’s news — further muddling an already complicated story involving Oregon agriculture and local politics. ...

Randy Stapilus: Insiders reaped the rewards in this year's May primary

After all the primary campaign season drama this year, most of the Oregon results tended toward the familiar in both parties. And most races weren’t even close.

Investigating the Bible: What about weapons and waging war?

Oct. 7 last year, Hamas launched a deadly assault on Israel from Gaza, firing thousands of rockets and sending a thousand terrorists across the border by air, pickup trucks, and motorcycles. With machine guns, they went door-to-door to Israeli homes, murdering entire families, including the elderly, children, babies and taking hostages. At an outdoor concert, they killed 260 youth. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared, “We are at war.”


Kirby Neumann-Rea/News-Register##Cans once holding domestic and foreign beers line shelves on the second floor of Lafayette Schoolhouse Antique Mall.

Calendar of Quirk: Drop a coaster under this serving of fermented local Quirk

The local beer culture deserves a special Quirk brew. June 3 Corner chalkboard at Grain Station Brew Works (to the right of the bar) was created eight years ago, filled (mostly) and changed (occasionally), ...

Whatchamacolumn: First and last encounter with a sports legend

We landed in San Diego on Feb. 11, stopped at the gate, and only then saw the hulking figure of a man who sat just behind us the entire flight. I was momentarily speechless, but Michelle quickly blurted ...

Bridging political chasm on the ground in Oregon

Several Oregon chapters of Braver Angels, a national citizens’ movement working to unify a divided nation in the face of sharp ideological and affective disagreements, are collaborating on an effort to bridge Oregon’s gaping urban-rural divide.

Jamie & Tami Rowen: Louisiana reclassification restricts abortion pill access

The Louisiana Legislature approved a bill May 23 reclassifying the abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol as “controlled, dangerous substances.”


Whatchamacolumn: Mostly boring primary election has a local spark of life

Although most federal and statewide races were contested in this week’s Oregon Primary Election, serving in the Oregon justice system or state Legislature appears to have lost its appeal to political ...

Barrett Rainey: A question for our times: We can, but should we?

While experts join us in fretting over the computerized exposure of hundreds of millions of our personal files — on Facebook and elsewhere — I have more fearful questions.

Investigating the Bible: ‘The good shepherd’: the Scriptures on sacrifice

May 27, 2024 is Memorial Day, honoring those American soldiers who sacrificed their lives in battle. Today remembers a few of those heroes whose stories are in Adam Makos’ books “A Higher Call” and “Devotion.”

Kirby Neumann-Rea/News-Register##Alpine Kitchen owners kept the men’s room “can” symbol when it was renovated after closure of Valley Commissary four years ago.

Calendar of Quirk: Alpine Avenue: A mixed-use neighborhood with plenty of Quirk in common

The Quirk tour now wends down Alpine Avenue, that mélange of industrial and chic with iron-work “ALPINE” signs and girder-like structures, picnic tables, planters, public art, a large ...