By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

With hospitals in crisis, health authorities urge Oregonians to mask up

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Sorry, not buying it. The medical system, hospital administrators and the so called 'trust the science' scientists have lost all their credibility.

..."pushing hospitals past their current ICU bed capacity, which never happened during the darkest days of our COVID-19 pandemic in Oregon"... which is very interesting because that is all we heard about was that there wasn't an ICU bed within 1000 miles during the pandemic and if we didn't get vaccinated we were killing grandma, and now here is this quote saying that during Covid ICU beds were never pushed past capacity. All credibility - Gone.

My wife worked in hospitals for close to 30 years, old and New Mac hospital and Salem hospital. Emergency, recovery and Operating rooms. And I have worked as a contractor building and renovating hospitals, mostly Providence hospitals. Hospitals are businesses, they build just enough ICU room's, extra ICU rooms loose money. I have been to see my wife at the ER at work during flu season, with patients on gurneys lining the hallways waiting hours for rooms. Hours. that was 15 years ago. It has always been this way, it happens every flu season, it happened during covid when we had 0 flu cases. hey, wait a minute...

And before you comment, I work in a hospital, thats not true... save it, don't care.

Stop with the fear porn. stop with the next round of vaccine. stop with hide in your house and miss Christmas. Just stop the madness.


Last time I checked, no one was forcing anyone to wear a mask. Our Country & this County is full of know it alls. There is really no reason to ever consult your Physician or anyone in the healthcare field. All you need to do is log on here and you will get all the unsolicited feedback you will ever need🙄


It's not the Covidvirus that has weakened so many immune systems. It is the isolation, the masking, and the never ending procession of ineffective COVID vaccines and COVID boosters that have damaged our immune systems as well as the fertility of younger adults. Our elites who are true believers in Anthropogenic Global Warming Theology have viciously exploited the Covidvirus pandemic to achieve their dream of dramatically reducing not just the human population but the Caucasian population. If you don't believe me, check out the WORLD METERS Covidvirus website. The fatality rate for Europe and the Americas is a thousand times greater than for East Asians.


OMG JWC (that’s it. That’s the whole comment)


Maddie, the nice thing about anything in life that is unsolicited, you can ignore it. Don’t read it. Put your mask on, stay away from family and friends for the next 2 to 3 weeks, and the good news is that the county health department got the $67k to push the vax, so you can go on down and get a couple of boosters. Merry Christmas Maddie, just in case you decide to hunker down and hide under the bed.


Everyone can read for themselves. Scroll down to the chart of statistics then click on the top of the column for death rate.
I exaggerated, but only slightly, about the differential in death rates between predominantly Caucasian countries verses East Asians including China.


From CNN regarding worldmeters-
“Visitors can report new covid 19 numbers and data sources with no name or email address required. Many updates lack a source, do not match the cited source, or contain errors.

Not sure concrete conclusions can be drawn from unverified statistics with questionable documentation.



Okay. Can you cite other sources to refute Worldmeters? I actually have checked other sources that are consistent with the statistics.


Oh Bigfoot have yourself a merry little Christmas. I will be enjoying myself just as I have for the past 3 Christmas’s with family & friends. I don’t need your unsolicited advice as does no one else but you just can’t help yourself can you? Always thinking your opinion is the only right one. So full of yourself🙄




As the article says problem is “a crisis of a lack of health care personnel. A lack of respiratory therapists, nurses and support staff.” You get sick or have a med emergency you might not get care you need. Mask help avoid getting sick enough to put stress on the medical system. The politico kingfish like bigfoot are excellent at obscuring and deflection, if you pay any attention to them.


One major factor in my opinion is people simply cannot exist physically or mentally in a perpetual state of alarm and threat.


Hold on.....I'm receiving a message from my Bill Gates microchip in my arm....He's telling me that "Birds Aren't Real". They are ALL just government spy drones that are watching you all the time. They rest on power lines to re-charge their batteries. Think about it. #birdsarentreal #theyarewatchingyouifyoupostacommenthere

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