By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Willamina proposes reduced school week

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WOW! How are parents supposed to keep a job? Dumbest plan I have ever heard of, absolutely ridiculas


I think school districts are going to have to consider and actively involve working families in these decisions. The concern is that many parents might take undue risks and leave kids home alone because they have to work and affordable childcare options are limited.


Same tax dollars but a reduced school week sounds just like something teacher's would come up with.


SW such valid points! I personally know people that have lost their jobs when they finally got called back to work, because childcare is so limited. They are trying to hang on for school to start to job hunt. If the schools have such limited hours, when is the "distance learning" supposed to happen? Evenings and weekends? I can also see parents leaving children home alone.

Bill B

Pedro- Did you really mean that? I hope not.


Pedro - Having a daughter who teaches in this district, I can assure you this is not what the teachers want!