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We built the road; now fix the signage

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Here's another one: Leaving the Grocery Outlet in Newberg turning right, there's no sign pointing me to McMinnville on the band-aid, even though there's one for drivers from Sherwood.

Jeb Bladine

On I-5 South, approaching the exit to reach 219 and the Bypass, state signage sayg, "Ehlen Road / Aurora." How about "Newberg / McMinnville" along there. It's not until the end of that freeway exit that a sign even mentions Newberg, and nothing about McMinnville.


I agree.


I drove on it for the first time yesterday... on my way home from Tigard. I didn't notice any sign problems. I just drove down Springbrook, jumped on it, popped back off on the south side of Dundee and thought to myself "wow, that was pretty cool." Not sure how much time it saved but it was sure a heck of a lot more pleasant of a drive as compared to crawling through all of the stop and go red lights in Newberg and Dundee.


would be nice to have a sign to get to Wilsonville road at end of bypass


I have driven the bypass then on to McKay road. It is painless with relatively light traffic so far. However, going north on I-5 is still "going north on I-5" ... heavy traffic. Going on to Woodburn now is much quicker.

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