By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Union alleges Yamhill County illegally harassing union bargaining members

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And the plot thickens...

If these accusations are proven to be accurate and true, then we need a complete and thorough investigation by a competent agency outside of the loop so as to not show any partiality.

Let the heads fall where they may...

news junky

What a mess. The corruption continues at the leadership of this county. I looked at the union contract. The county agrees to practice trust and respect. Now spying on your employees is certainly a sign of trust and respect isn't it? Once again, huge amounts of time and money are being wasted on meaningless and preventable things. How is any of this serving the citizens? Serious housecleaning needed at the commissioner and administration level.

Don Dix

Experience says -- anytime a union raises complaints, it is wise to remember 'that's what unions do -- point fingers, claim unfair practices, and threaten to strike'. For all 'we the public' know, the union could have set this up to make the county look bad -- or actually is guilty of 'the unauthorized access'. It wouldn't be the first time a union has taken the low road to accomplish the goal -- which is higher pay and more freebees for less productivity.

And according to 'other sources', some employees aren't interested in becoming union members -- which may be a significant underlying issue.

Rushing to judgement on either side has little value if 'one-sided soundbites' are the nexus.


I guess I’m not clear on why the county shouldn’t have the right to place Employee-monitoring software on there own equipment? there really an expectation of privacy for employees on the employers property?.....In the real world unauthorized access is a termination offense....
The county has made many HR blunders in the past few years, but I doubt the union is blameless in the current conflict.....

Bill B

Hard to believe, I know, but I agree with Tagup. And also Don.


Bill- are you feeling ok?.....:)


I hear a lot of reports of complaining from county employees and very little about what they are doing to be productive. They complain about having to come to work and serve the public (they are public employees?) during Covid and most of their offices are closed to the public. The Planning Department, Clerk's Office, Sheriff's Office, Tax Office all have locked doors and employees are either behind closed doors or working from home. Glad they have time to meet to negotiate a better contract though.