By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Two more farms file liens against Firestone Processing

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The fact that the other producer hasn't dissolved their company and started another LLC probably has an awful lot to do with it. Given the George's involvement in and funding of her campaign I would take his claims with a shaker full of salt....


The reason the other processor hasn't folded, Wilco keeps funneling money into it to keep it afloat. Mr George's statement is correct in that they are costing producers money. It's just not the nut producers, it's all Wilco members. That to me is worse.


Sodbuster, that's part of the risk/benefit of being part of a co-op. You earn dividends when they make money and you don't when they don't. In this case it's a private company and promises were made and not kept. I disagree completely that this has nothing to do with Berschauer's qualifications as a commissioner. If you do a deep dig back into her history, her relationships - personal and professional always fail. But it never seems to be her fault. She takes no responsibility for things falling apart. Samr thing in her lack of leadership at the county. To listen to her, you'd think it's all roses. Only problem is, it's not. The county is a trainwreck. Take a look at the administrative overhead in the budget over the four years she's served. It has exploded. Now her and Starrett want to add even more expensive administrative overhead. Further, in her position as the chair of the Board the county administrator hasn't had an evaluation in four years. For all the rhetoric about her wonderful conservative leadership, there are clear signs of abject failure - and no one else is to blame but her.

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