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Turkey Rama car show today

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Disappointing the BBQ has been cut from the event. The vendors and their offerings have changed so much over the years, the BBQ was the one anchor to this festival I looked forward to.


I agree without the BBQ it's only half of the fun


I took time off from work and made it a three day weekend to enjoy the Festivities of Turkey Rama, and especially the Turkey feed. I should have just worked! What is the point of Turkey Rama without the big turkey feed?????? I'm not sure who's running this program now, but shame on you for taking this stapled tradition that has been taking place for decades from us. This festival is JUST NOT THE SAME without this event! I was VERY disappointed. I guess we only have the UFO Festival and Yamhill County Fair now.


Pebbles, GRM & Dean,

The BBQ feast hasn’t happened for a handful of years & this is the second year of no turkey half’s. Smoked Turkey legs were available on 3rd/Davis & a variety of downtown merchants had turkey inspired dishes.

All the information & grills are available if yourself or an organization you know of would like to take on that aspect of the event. They’d own the who thing & keep any revenue they generated for their cause.

It takes a lot of bandwidth of volunteer hours to plan, prep, pull off, clean up. If you’re seriously interested in bringing this back to the event the time to start planing is quickly approaching with monthly status check meetings with the full Turkey Rama Committee beginning in January.

I’ll personally buy a few half’s for staff or attended your feast if you choose to pull it all back together. Next year is #60!

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