By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Tort claim notices filed over county jail deaths of two men

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David S. Wall

I 'Thank' the News Register and Ms. Nicole Montesano for the stark historical review of unfortunate and reoccurring deaths in the County Jail.

From my perspective, all of the deaths were foreseeable and an indicator of substandard and or incompetent management of the County Jail.

Stringent and ongoing review of the management of the County Jail and the procedures to award and monitor the contract for medical services for the County Jail appear to be unacceptable.

All of the Members of the Board of Commissioners (BOC) have been, in my opinion, seriously deficient in oversight of the County Jail.

David S. Wall


According to the online roster, there has been less than 100 people housed there during these latest 2 deaths (only 89 today) before Covid, They housed more than double that. Seems like this would make it easier to keep an eye on them unless they decreased guards when the numbers dropped. What are these deaths / lawsuits costing us?


Just so there's no confusion, it is the county commissioners who tour the jail, review the procedures, and certify the safety. The Sheriff operates it, but it is the commissioners who "ensure" and certify its safety. The responsibility for all these deaths fall squarely on the BOC. Maybe if they were doing their jobs instead of all the political grandstanding and wasting time, this unacceptable level of deaths while people are in custody would not occur.