By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Survey shows trail support

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I dunno. If most people are anything like me, they don't pick up unknown incoming numbers. I don't see how any kind of valid survey can be done these days.

Joel R

If they would have surveyed me, I would have voted "YES"


Important information was left out when the survey was taken. Information like impact on local farmers along the trail. If everything was explained, your survey would have been more accurate.


I'm from a farming family and live on a very large piece of land. I really think the farmers contesting this trail are a bunch of whiners. In Florida they have a hugely successful trail system. The most used is in the tampa area. 45K us it annually. Tha'ts people not trips. Take a look at the extensive system there. You can bike across the state and Gainesville has a huge one too. Look at Seattle and the Burke Gilman! Houses gain in value the closer they are to this trail. Also If there were more trails like this you would start to see less traffic as folks riding their bikes to work have left their cars behind. I know that the trail from Rickreall to Monmouth gets widely used. If only it connected to McMinnville. A trail from Amity to McMinnville would get used a TON! I for one would use it to bike to work by choice and I'm chubby 50 something. Others maybe not by choice, but out of necessity. Get it together and get this back on track. What a total embarrassment.


If they would have surveyed me, I would have voted "NO"