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See Ya Later moving forward on sports complex

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What a great idea, build an outdoor amphitheater to accomodate loud evening concerts right next to a residential subdivision, and established neighborhoods! Could it be that 100+ decibel music and noise won't bother anyone? How about the huge increase in vehicle traffic on Hill Road, and Baker Creek and 2nd Street used as access roads. This was tried where I lived years ago and the end result was lawsuits and the final closing of the amphitheater. Save the headaches, lawsuits and futility - This is a very bad idea.


Great city planning. Just look at Lafayette Ave. Build multi apartment complex across from fairgrounds and race track. Then warn about decibel in the sound.


Hmm. If I'm not mistaken (and I may be), the McMinnville School District had already earmarked the adjacent land for construction of a high school and an elementary school. It seems to me that the commotion caused by the See Ya Later Foundation's proposal will be indistinguishable from the commotion generated by two large public schools. If I am correct (and, again, I may not be), this is akin to buying a house adjacent to an airport and complaining ceaselessly about the noise.

While I seriously appreciate the end result of sound planning, I sometimes feel like I live in a community of grouches.


You are correct, Trafik. Future high school site on one flank, future grade school site on another.


I love being correct. Thanks, Steve.


This is a stupid idea. I'm certain no one from the foundation lives near this proposed amphitheater. Furthermore, if the outdoor concerts from church on the hill, with which the see ya later foundation is associated, are any indication of their concern for neighbors, they won't care at all about how much noise they make. Ask the police about the permits they acquired the first few years... Oh wait they didn't even get permits.

See Ya Later... Here is some advice. Go somewhere near the airport where the noise won't matter, the traffic won't matter and people can access facilities like the hospital. You will save yourself a lot of fighting and headaches and keep the peace with the citizens of our community.

Don Dix

Trafik ... those 'grouches' of which you speak ... if one were to study opposition to the last 20 years of UGB planning and expansion in Mac, the common thread would be the same faces, spewing the same babbling rhetoric ... traffic, noise, farmland, and fanatical scary predictions.

Here are a few examples of the BS ... predicted the Rice Annex (Lowes) would lead to more deaths on hiway 18 (seriously?)... that the entire Shadden Claim annex (3500 new residents) would be built out in 4 or 5 years (Phase 1 took 13+) ... opposed nearly every M37 claim in Yamhill County with contempt and ridicule towards the applicant or any defense of such (Abrams?)... opposed the museum on the grounds there would be a slight shift of land (UGB) to accommodate the project, but they did it anonymously through a second party (Chicken S--- nitpicking) ...just recently (Letters to the Editor), this sports complex was claimed to be part of 'rampant growth' (the project, 22 acres, is .00329 of Mac's total area).

The 'grouches' consider themselves 'friends' (to whom is the question), but many have used much more 'colorful and descriptive' language (outside of print). The majority are not native to the area (founder from So. Cal), and consequently, have no generational history here. The only 'compliment' I could muster towards them is they are consistent ... consistently negative with little regard for truth or fairness! Hardly seems like a 'compliment' , but it's the best that can be done with so little positive to work with!

m or s

"consistently negative with little regard for truth or fairness!" Gee, Don, who's comment(s)does that sound like?

Don Dix

m or s -- knowing full well facts matter, the examples listed are accurate and taken from published print (do you want resources and dates?.) Travel back 20 years in McMinnville's UGB expansion to present (state mandated) and discover millions in public resources that have been wasted to answer appeal after appeal after appeal (you do know who is responsible, right?). If pointing out hypocrisy, fabricated scenarios, and costly, relentless opposition to ANY growth (reasonable or not) isn't fair or truthful, please advise otherwise.


I would like to clarify that there will not be a musical concert type amphitheater at the future Champions Center location. If you know the "See Ya Later" Foundation's plans, the seating area in the so called small amphitheater spot is for kids to receive instruction during their youth camps that SYL puts on for all in the community. There are no plans for any type of concerts that would disturb neighbors. This is not a concert amphitheater as people have assumed without researching it.
Also, in regards to traffic the generous citizens of McMinnville recently passed a bond measure that includes a wide variety of street improvements, one being Hill Road. This improvement will handle the Champions Center, the future schools that are adjacent to and across the street from the center and the hundreds of future home sites that are currently approved to be built.

The Foundation's mission is to Inspire Youth and Encourage Families. They inspire youth through providing college scholarships to students in all of the high schools in the county, and providing youth day camps through sports, music and the outdoors. They also have a program called Seeds of Hope that encourages families in life threatening medical crisis with no strings attached. I encourage everyone to learn about the great things SYL has done in our community over the last 15 years!


Every time I return to Oregon after an extended stay away, I am awed by the state's natural beauty. Once, on my return after a two-year span in Chicago, I looked out the window of the aircraft as it banked to line up for landing and I recall being surprised by the mountains! It was an ephemeral moment but I've never forgotten. We live in a region which boasts some of the most rugged beauty on the planet.

So we might keep it that way, I appreciate sound planning. My home state is the poster child of unchecked growth and I, for one, don't wish to see Oregon follow suit. But sometimes the shrill voices of those opposed to growth at any cost ring hollow.

If, inevitably, there will be two large public schools with associated sports facilities placed on sites adjacent to the See Ya Later Foundation's proposed Champions Center, what is the meaningful harm of allowing SYL to proceed? A little more traffic? Probably. A little more noise? Likely. Will SYL's traffic and noise contribution be distinguishable from that caused by a high school and an elementary school? Doubtful, especially in light of scheduled street improvements.

So can anyone offer hard facts how See Ya Later will negatively impact the area when the adjacent schools are factored in? By "hard facts" I mean actual projected data and not arguments like "stupid idea" or "futility." And, again, the requirement is to consider the schools' impact on the neighborhood in addition to SYL's.

While I sympathize with homeowners who will eventually find their homes abutting schools, my understanding is tempered by the thought that, since MSD had already acquired the land and made its plans clear, the homeowners might have made different purchase decisions. I don't see that adding a multi-purpose youth complex will make a significant difference.


TJH, I second your comments I couldn't have said it better. SYL is the best organization for our children we have in this community. To address TTT's comments church on the hill has one outdoor service a year from 11am-12 noon. Also I would like to know where the "friends" of yamhill county were when the decision was made to expand the "dump" which is so much more detrimental to our community than a sports complex.


It would seem more appropriate for this organization to locate near a hospital or medical center. Why would they insist on being next to a public school?

From the See Ya Later website:
Our Mission:
We understand that a medical crisis can be a very difficult experience for any family. Whether a family has a great deal of support or not, we have a passion to encourage and bless these families in a variety of ways with no strings attached!

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