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Report outlines strategies to increase downtown housing

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They stole my idea! They could do away with all three liberal church complexes and turn them into high rises 20-30 stores high with 650 square foot unit Soviet style complexes. Liberal church denominations are dying out what better use for inclusion than having some skyscrapers with affordable housing?

David S. Wall

One question that comes to my mind is, "How is it possible for significant owners of real property are appointed to MURAC and permitted to make decisions that will inevitably make them ( and or their heirs, successors and assigns) richer than they are now at taxpayer expense?

There is one person, who has caught my attention and requires further study.

The "study" is to ascertain how an individual, who is part of a very successful organization having justly attained significant real property holdings in McMinnville (as well as securing long-term tentacles into Yamhill County funding and policy making) is appointed to this "Volunteer Advisory Committee" to proffer advice to the McMinnville City Council and the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners.

MURAC Membership can be found here:

I encourage others to "study" MURAC and make an informed decision(s) whether this organization, err..."Volunteer Advisory Committee" is serving your interests (Taxpayer dollars at work? For whom?).

David S. Wall


It happens occasionally that there's no room at the inn.
David Wall made some intriguing comments.

Mike D

Mr Wall. Thanks for the reference. Why so coy about who you are talking about? We are supposed to know and thus be suspicious.

Mike D

greg. 'liberal churches'? I assume you have read scripture. At one time you indicated you attended George Fox University which is a Christian institution. Your Christianity is difficult to understand.


Mike D - liberal 1st Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran Methodist. IE the ones that have rainbow flags and kowtow to so-called “social justice” and/or call themselves “main line denominations.” Conservative - Salvation Army, Church on the Hill, that’s what I was getting at. The liberal churches are the denominations that are on the verge of being non existent because membership is plummeting. So yeah why not take their properties for some high rises?


gregtompkins - You really do embarrass yourself, but it's kinda fun to watch.

Jeb Bladine


Adding some perspective to your MURAC "study:"

McMinnville's Urban Renewal project was created to develop, redevelop and renovate the downtown core as extended to the NE Gateway (Alpine) area. With $30 million dedicated over 25 years, there are a lot of decisions to make. It makes sense that property owners from that development area would have representation on the advisory committee.

MURAC is a committee that includes city, downtown association, business, property owner, Water & Light and citizen representation. The committee makes recommendations to final decision-makers -- the Urban Renewal Board, consisting of the entire City Council that represents all of McMinnville citizens.

As an original/former member of MURAC, I can absolutely confirm there is an element of self-interest in downtown property owners wanting to have a voice in how government plans to spend $30 million redeveloping the area where they have invested their livelihood. In my experience, people with that kind of self-interest often are people who also represent the best qualities of looking out for the public interest as well.


Mudstump I’m glad that difference of opinion is an embarrassment. Which liberal denomination to you belong to?



Maybe from the sizable and growing group, "Californians Against gregtompkins."


@Lulu HaHa and LOL! I’m on my way to San Jose right now


But do you know the way?

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