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Planners schedule two meetings for Baker Creek subdivision

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David S. Wall

The Baker Street Subdivision Development scheme has been and continues to be an "abomination."

Reducing "commercial land" and designate the land for "residential" is just plain stupid. Housing "never" pays for itself and once your "commercial" land is exhausted, so goes economic development opportunities.

At no time should "Exclusive Farm Use (EFU)" zoned Land be designated for "Residential." Farm land is Oregon's heritage and supports the resource economy. Farm lands are priceless and irreplaceable.

McMinnville is rapidly becoming a "Portland-like slum" with more people, more traffic, and diminishing economic opportunities for people to support themselves.

Bedroom communities to support adjacent and distant jurisdictions are foolish endeavors for McMinnville legislators to seriously consider.

McMinnville's precious and disappearing rural lands are being systematically destroyed by residential housing developments.

There is currently "no discussion" concerning long term potable water availability, sewer plant treatment and garbage cost increases-and who pays for them.

The unacceptable and foreseeable reduction of "peace and quiet" is guaranteed should this" subdivision from Hell" is allowed to continue.

If McMinnville is still suffering a budget deficit, I suggest eliminating the McMinnville Planning Department in its' entirety as a result of their supporting the Baker Creek subdivision.

The Baker Creek subdivision should be permanently abandoned with extreme prejudice.

David S. Wall

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