By Robert Husseman • Sports Editor • 

Pirates sweep the decks at home tourney

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The Y-C boys were the better team in the Dayton game, period. Of course Bernards will score at will when he's not guarded. The lopsided officiating was clear throughout the entire game. Renteria has the Dayton big guy climbing his back for a rebound with no call, yet Y-C can't get close to Bernards without a foul being called. Renteria and Rhodes - Y-Cs leading scorers - had to sit out long periods of the game due to ticky tack foul calls. The no call in the final minute for Myrick and the ensuing technical call was an absolute joke. Dayton was handed 12 points off the technical fouls. Officiating rarely determines the outcome of a game, but in this case it clearly did. Dayton could not stop Renteria or Rhodes until the officials helped them out. Watch the film..........


Dayton boys coach Hop says, "I'm a little conflicted". Why? Because Dayton got the game handed to them? I never saw him visit with the refs about the obvious issues during the game. Maybe he's conflicted because his potty mouth guard got away with profanities all through the game, and was never called for anything. If that's the way Dayton wants to win, so be it - but don't hide behind hindsight remorse.

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