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Oregon reports 133 COVID deaths in December, January

There have been more than 2,000 deaths a week from COVID in the United States for the last five weeks running, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Meanwhile, Scientific American reported this week that “Worldwide, there were more than 11,000 reported deaths from COVID between mid-December 2023 and mid-January 2024.”

The magazine also reported that more than half of those deaths occurred in the U.S. In that same time frame, nearly one million cases were reported to the World Health Organization globally (although reduced testing and reporting means this is likely a vast undercount).

Oregon Health Authority reported 96 “COVID-related” deaths statewide in December and 37 in January. It reported 81 deaths in November.

The CDC reported that 30 residents of Yamhill County were hospitalized for COVID the week of Jan. 27, a 57.9% increase over the previous week.

On Feb. 6, the most recent data available, the OHA reported 189 Oregonians hospitalized with COVID, 28 of them in Region 2, which includes Yamhill, Marion, Polk, Benton, Linn and Lincoln counties.

Although both the United States and the World Health Organization ended their emergency declarations last year, the WHO has repeatedly noted that the pandemic has not ended.

Influenza and RSV rates have also been high this winter.

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota this week reported that “a new study from researchers at Boston University School of Public Health and the University of Pennsylvania shows that a substantial proportion of excess mortality numbers counted as deaths from natural causes during the COVID-19 pandemic were actually attributable to the novel coronavirus.”

It noted that “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1,174,626 Americans have died due to COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic nearly four years ago. But excess mortality— deaths that would not be expected compared to other years — has also risen, suggesting COVID-19 has a role in those deaths, as well.”

The study showed that excess deaths coincided with increases in local COVID-19 rates, according to Centers for Disease Control.

A press release from the Boston University School of Public Health said the study “provides the most compelling data yet to suggest that excess mortality rates from chronic illnesses and other natural causes were actually driven by COVID-19 infections, disproving high-profile claims that have attributed these deaths to other factors such as COVID vaccinations and shelter-in-place policies.”

Study corresponding author Dr. Andrew Stokes, associate professor of global health at BUSPH said in the press release that “We observed peaks in non-COVID-19 excess deaths in the same or prior month as COVID-19 deaths, a pattern consistent with these being unrecognized COVID-19 deaths that were missed due to low community awareness and a lack of COVID-19 testing.”

Lead author Eugenio Paglino, a PhD student studying demography and sociology at University of Pennsylvania said in the press release that if the primary explanation for these deaths were healthcare interruptions and delays in care, the non-COVID excess deaths would likely occur after a peak in reported COVID-19 deaths and subsequent interruptions in care.

“However, this pattern was not observed nationally or in any of the geographic subregions we assessed,” Paglino said.

The press release noted that “researchers found that the gap between these non-COVID excess deaths and reported COVID-19 deaths was largest in nonmetropolitan counties, the West, and the South—and that the second year of the pandemic saw almost as many non-COVID excess deaths in the second year of the pandemic as in the first year, contrary to previous research.”



Thank you, N-R, for providing this information.

No sarcasm intended - really!

It's important to know what the big names are saying.

CDC & OHA nonsense is well known.

From the above news piece, can now be added:

Scientific American

The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota

Boston University School of Public Health

University of Pennsylvania

Could these institutions be rehabilitated?

Were they ever habilitated?


According to these big-name geniuses:

Excess mortality implies "the virus."

But that's mere circular reasoning.

No proof.

And microbiology 101 would suggest otherwise anyway.

Meanwhile, for anyone with two brain cells and a working synapse:

The Explosive Link Between COVID Vaccines and Increased Cancer Rates in Children & Young Adults

That's called "The elephant standing in the middle of the living room."


The statistics are not reliable, making this article B.S. During the panic, 2020-2022, ALL deaths were attributed to COVID if the virus was found to be in a body, whether or not COVID caused the death. For instance, if someone died in a motorcycle accident and COVID was found on a nasal swab - postmortem - the death was recorded as a COVID death. Ever wonder why there were not deaths from the flu during those years? Did you read that at least 80% of all deaths were people with co-morbid conditions and were elderly, and that COVID was brought into senior facilities by the workers? Pfizer admitted (in Europe) the vaccine doesn’t work. A U.S. court demanded all of Pfizer’s documents; Pfizer said on the condition none of the information would be made public for 50 years. What are they hiding? Wake up! STOP this tyranny of fear mongering!!!!


Fauci stated, in the spring of 2020, that the chances of healthy children contracting COVID were infinitesimal. Now all the children are jabbed. I call B.$. to this whole scare.


BS alert.


Pfizer wanted to keep this report secret for 75 years.

It was obtained via court enforced FOIA:

Report Prepared by:
Worldwide Safety


PDF of Pfizer Report:

Superior analysis by Michel Chossudovsky:


Another discovery through FOIA:

NIH in Early 2022 Abruptly Stopped Responding to People Injured by COVID Shots

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Well I guess this issue has been resolved. Dan has spoken and spoken and spoken...


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I lost 2 family members to covid-19. Listen to your doctor...and no one else.

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