By Kirby Neumann-Rea • Of the News-Register • 

Nicholas Kristof forms candidate committee, resigns from NY Times

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Here's a link to the 15 page memo from the law firm Kristof hired.


I've known Nic Kristoff for decades. I knew his amazing father too, an immigrant to this country, state, and county who really understood the freedoms and privileges that we enjoy here. Nicholas would make a fantastic Governor. He knows what leadership is. He knows what honesty is. Those are two things we desperately need at all levels of elected officials right now. The man has our vote. He would be a breath of fresh air for our state.


Knowing which state Kristof filed tax returns in would be one of the most interesting pieces of evidence. Oregon expects residents to pay income on all of their income (no matter what part of the country they earned it in) as if they earned it in the state of Oregon. There could be some interesting documentation uncovered by a Freedom of Information Act filing.


Personal tax returns are not subject to FOIA. Otherwise we would have seen the former president's returns years ago.


One must be a resident of Oregon for three years to run for governor. If one votes in another election, such as in New York in 2020, in which one declares under pain of felony that he is a New York resident, one cannot be considered an Oregon resident for that year. But, of course, Oregon's government has abandoned the state constitution in practice, so who cares?


Rot is commenting on the legality of running for office in Oregon but claims to not live in Oregon. Never change rot


Scotty's still picking on me personally, instead of trying to prove me wrong.

Joel R

Mr Nuemann-Rea, That's either a typo in the first sentence of this article or Mr Kristof goes by his middle name and has a very unusual first name.


I think one should actually live here and experience the issues that we have had for those three years to actually understand what the people want and need. Live here for three years first and experience what the current government is doing and then you have the right and maybe the ability to represent the people of Oregon. It seems awful easy to decide what's best for Oregon from there.


Oregon has a US senator who is a New Yorker, why not have a governor who is a New Yorker also?


Oregonian: I see what you did there. Just so it doesn't slip by anyone Wyden's wife is a New Yorker. He splits his time. My second home in Mexico does not make me a Mexican. I have been to his Oregon town halls about a half dozen times. He's here a lot.

David S. Wall

I Thank the News Register for allowing more time for comments on this article.

Has Kristof's residency requirement been resolved?

Kristof has formed a Committee with the Secretary of State effective and active on [10.12.21]. To date Kristof's Committee finances show "Zero" contributions.

What written testimonies, if any, has candidate Kristof authored to address any Legislation filed in Oregon Legislature during the; 79th, 80th and 81st Assemblies to document his familiarity with issues facing Oregon?

David S. Wall