By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Newberg school district to see board change

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The divisiveness is only about to begin. The conservative agenda will now be replaced by a so-called progressive one that will in fact not lead forward without leaving behind many, many voices. The Newberg-Dundee School District will now be under the control of historical revisionists, politically (in)correct individuals from outside of the district, and will not promote education as much as a dumbing down of the student body. God help us when this inept generation with its moralistic relativism are running things... straight into the ground!


Haha…yes Hibb, all is lost because 3 members of the Newberg Oregon school board were replaced.
Maybe the election results are the consequences for promoting unconstitutional policies in Newberg schools?


And Brown on a TV interview stated he and his racist group improved the school district and they did what the community wanted. Losing as big a margin as they did kind of shows that the community wanted nothing to do with them. LOL. That's why 200+ staff left the district, why the district is paying over $200,000 for lawyers for lawsuits they caused when it was under $10,000 for the years prior. Political ideology doesn't belong on school boards or schools.


Hibb, you make me laugh. school boards are no place for racist political policies. Yes I imagine they will try to get rid of the racist policies Brown and his maga crew forced on the school district.

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