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New COVID vaccines to be released this fall

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Haiti is the Western hemisphere's poorest country, with a healthcare system and sanitation to match. Yet its total Covid death toll is only 254. And no vaccines have been given in Haiti - NONE.

Since the first wave of Covid, everyone I know who has gotten deathly ill from Covid has been vaccinated. How about you? And some of them blood clots, heart trouble, and heart attacks. But teenagers dropping dead at basketball practice 4, 5 times a month is totally normal.

It's funny they had the vaccine ready for the new lockdowns coming in early fall.


Anecdotal evidence from a source that has previously shown bias, isn’t very convincing.


Line up for the new shot! You’ll anecdote your self right into a stroke.

Do you read or search for any information outside the mainstream agenda? You cannot possibly or you would have some clue about this.

Ripped from today’s headlines. 33 year old fitness influencer dies from double heart attack. Happens every day.


My cousin is a devoted follower of Q. Her family watches very hard right conservative news media all day. She has a husband on disability that hates the government while continuing to cash checks from the government, 2 grown kids in college, and a gay brother that lives one state away. She is a devout, born and bred, Catholic and constantly helps at every church function. They voted for Trump and support all his policies. They are all on social media and regularly engage with those that slightly question their views in extremely hurtful ways. This has been their "normal" for the past 7 years. She was very anti-covid vax. However, they all received vaccines for other diseases when younger though. Last year, they all got covid...and it really messed with her. It was a dreadful experience for their whole family. They have recovered, although she still has issues with her lungs from time to time. Recently, something has begun to change in her. She has now totally disavowed the church as she thinks they preach nothing but lies, she has become more shut-in, and she only believes what she sees on Q related media, and she spends hours and hours online trolling everyone. This has caused her to not believe in anything. Her church, or her relatives, her doctor....even the love of her own children. Her family now worries about her mental health constantly as she continues to unravel. She no longer attends church, visits with friends, and constantly gets into screaming matches with her husband and kids about what's real in media and what's not real… has consumed her very existence…..and I fear she’s not alone.


I’m sorry to hear that about your family, Jean. And I am sorry she has turned away from her faith. I am familiar with Q, which is probably no surprise to you, and I will tell you my belief that it was a psychological operation, a psyop. It was a psyop against the Democrats, and whoever did it, it worked. But as you explained, it created fanatics on both sides.

We can disagree about Covid and the vaccine, but I think we agree about the damage this has done. It has isolated people and made them fearful to be around people. Everything can be brought to you, your checks, meds, meals, groceries, Walmart, Amazon, etc. It has turned a lot of people into shut-ins. Maybe she has PTSD from having the Covid, which could explain her reaction against her family.

It has weakened strong men, broken weak men, and destroyed vulnerable men. Men, women, and children. Drug abuse, depression, anxiety, abuse, suicides, homelessness. Biden is talking about another round of masking (forced with a wink and a nod) vaccinations and restrictions. People cannot take it.

The pressure is building in this country, and I don’t think it has a happy ending. I pray that I am wrong.

Please do not take this new shot.


BFL, Thank you for that, I appreciate it. After losing 2 family members to covid (before the vaccine) I will give this disease the respect it deserves. We have gotten every shot and we'll get this one too. I still have to get my 2nd shingles dose, though. We don't wear masks anymore, but we will if things get dicey. I don’t think there will be any more mandates for masks due to the fact that we now have vaccines available….except for possibly medical institutions.
As for my cousin having PTSD or some other psychosis and what caused it, who knows? She won’t accept any help. Right now, her BS detector is broken. It’s all “magical thinking” and nothing else. Every crazy theory under the sun now has a real chance of being true in her eyes. She thrives on things that make her angry and fearful and her on-screen diet only amplifies these thoughts. Maybe she already had a preponderance to be attracted to things that make her angry to begin with? I’m not sure, but her attraction to those things isn’t helping her condition.
BFL, I do worry about you. I see in your comments that you can sometimes have some real anger in your heart….and I know that’s not the real you. I know you care deeply about this community, and you want to see it thrive.


We’re not getting informed consent. A U.S. court demanded all documents from Pfizer regarding the vaccines. Pfizer responded that they would under one condition, that the information would be with withheld from the public for 50 years (after almost all vaccinated people are dead). The court said no. The documents included 8 pages of serious adverse effects, from debilitating conditions to death. Pfizer told a European health commission the vaccines don’t work. There is no science for the effectiveness, only data post-vaccine, which brings up the point that this was an experiment and we were the Guinea pigs. Out of the Nuremberg trials came the Nuremberg Code, which states no person shall have medical procedures unless and until the patient gives informed consent. Heck! We were NOT informed. Post-jab studies around the world all say that death rates went up after the jabs, especially if someone was jabbed 2 or more times. Life insurance companies paid out 3x the average payout for deaths of working-aged individuals, to the effect that the big insurance companies have pulled out of the business, which until now was an amazingly profitable cash cow. Your decision …


Jean, your brother-in-law cashes checks from the gov’t. Don’t be fooled by this. He paid the money in during his working career and his employer matched his funds dollar for dollar.

Likewise, social security is not a benefit, it is a payout from OUR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS. The gov’t chose to spend it, thanks to Pres. Johnson, on war, welfare, etc., to the point they’re saying it’s going to ‘run out’ — well they spent our savings!


Totalitarianism and inverted-totalitarianism …..

What will happen when there is no paper and metal money and all transactions are digital? One thing … if we don’t get the jab our money can be frozen and we won’t get benefits or social security payments out of our SS savings accounts.

Big Brother … it’s almost here. And I’m not paranoid. Until a week ago I thought anti-vax-ers were a bunch of nut bags. After reading the info I’m now a staunch anti-vaxxer.

It’s interesting to me to read various sane sources on who really runs this country (and all others), what Trump called “the deep state”.

Maybe keeping one’s head buried in the sand is a good idea!

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