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Nearman expelled in historic action; commissioners to help choose replacement

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It is likely that Nearman's successor will be as much a spineless enabler as the rest of his alleged House colleagues. I further predict that the individual will be primaried out the first time.


I know this is new territory for the legislature, but the idea that a person can be eligible for the same position they were just expelled from is ridiculous.....that needs to be changed


There are likely constitutional issues there. Like when we tried in Alaska to have a "none of the above" initiative. The way it finally read, it NOTA won, they would simply have another election, with the same bunch of losers if they chose to run again. It really had no teeth.


Nearman betrayed his then fellow legislators and has earned this demotion. His job was to support his constituents' position on the floor and not open the door for a rushing band of barbarians. He endangered lives and thankfully this incident did not entirely mirror the debacle witnessed in DC.