By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Mask objectors berate staff at La Rambla restaurant

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Thanks to the Mac PD for backing up business owners and helping out .....unfortunately our sheriff wouldn’t do the same.... business owners outside the city should take note....


Hopefully the three men and two women in the party don't reproduce... What a rude display of behavior and so totally uncalled for - the employees were just doing their job and the other diners were clearly unimpressed with their little show. Please don't come back to McMinnville.

Joel R

How on earth is this incident worthy of a front page story and a gripping blow by blow account? People were rude and disrespectful. They got trespassed from a restaraunt. Mountain out of a mole hill, NewsRegister.


Joel R: Actually not a front page story. Page 3.


Mary Starrett and Lindsay Berschauer must be very proud of the way those anti-maskers stood up for their right to be whining, selfish babies.

Don Dix

tagup -- as reported, 'a scary situation that was getting out of control' -- be the instigator of that type of behavior at a business 'outside the city' and witness firsthand how the sheriff's dept. responds.


Pure trash, just like the 2/3 county commissioners that endorse their entitled, sociopathic worldview.

Paul Daquilante

Joel R . . .

As Russ mentioned, this story was published on page 3 in the Tuesday, Sept. 14 print edition of the paper.

Our website includes a "home page" and not divided into pages.

Paul Daquilante/reporter


I guess business owners need to wait until they are harassed or assaulted over mask mandates before calling the the sheriff..?...


I'm not a fan of masks, I'm definitely not a fan of needing proof of vaccine to have dinner, but I am however, a fan of small business, and will most definitely wear a mask, to do my part to keep them open.


I give them six months, and that is being kind.


No reason to act a fool. I disagree with their policies as well. So guess what, i eat elsewhere. Pretty easy.


Eating somewhere else would be a more effective protest and much more dignified.