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Mac homeless shelter faces criticism

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To clarify the 8-9pm phone check-in, that is done generally in the warmer months so that we will know whether or not to bring in additional staff for the Overnight shelter. It is not required if someone does not have access to a phone. We have never required anyone to call in advance when the shelter is scheduled to be open such as the winter time.

Length of showers are determined on the amount of people at the building. When the Shelter is full, 35 people need to take a shower. Wakeup is at 7am and folks leave around 9am. 6 minutes wouldn't allow them all time to get a shower.

The medication policy is to allow the guests access any time they need them.

I encourage anyone that wants to know more, to come talk to me at the Mission and spend some time in the evening to see how we operate.


Good grief. Last thing we need is people griping about a homeless shelter. If you're unhappy with the way they operate, go volunteer your time and help make it better. Or open one of your own. The more the better.


Thank you Kaye and staff at The Mission for all of your hard work. Yours is a labor of love.


Good comment, Joel.


Joel summed it up. Thank you Kaye and others involved in making this service available in any capacity.


I'm sure operating a shelter is a difficult and thankless job. With so many in need rules must be in place to ensure that all get the help they need. There will always be someone to complain.

Keep up the good work you are doing and thank you.

Christmas has Talons

This sounds very much like an untitled attitude to me. I am sorry about Mr. Waldow's situation but no one owes him a place to eat, sleep or be taken care of people are doing those things out of the kindness of their hearts.
Places like the homeless shelter have to have strict rules to keep staff and others safe and complaining that those rules exist could possibly be part of the reason some find themselves homeless. Life has structure and boundaries that we have to conform to and fighting those structures will only self alienate.

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