By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Luoto argues for attention to roads, ending division

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Looking forward to casting my vote for Bob. A vote for a level headed common sense approach to our county needs.


Native - I agree. Level headed common sense, something that's been missing at the County for nearly 20 years.


to recap, we all need to hold hands and learn to get along, he wants affordable housing for his underpaid $13/hour employees, better roads for his logging trucks that constantly tear up the existing roads, a big smoke-churning factory to replace the ugly paper mill in Newberg, and Oh, and that pesky homeless issue will be solved with a bottle return facility in the middle of nowhere so Bob doesn't have to look at icky homeless people in the grocery store.


A bottle redemption center out in the sticks is not exactly a solution to.... anything. We have better candidates running for this seat.