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‘March for Our Lives’ planned for Saturday

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The mothers should ask how an 18-year-old transvestite, who lived with his grandmother, and worked eight hours a week at Mickey D's, could afford two top-shelf rifles, loads of ammo, body armor, and a truck. Like Joe Kenda says, JDLR (just doesn't look right). Maybe - just maybe - someone bought all that for him. I can only speculate why.


Well, as Kenda would say, “well my, my, my….

Lots of holes in this one that you could drive a…, well, you could drive an FBI handler through. This one has a lifetime of heart break and conspiracy theories even before the Uvalde PD stood outside and listened to children being shot.

Like a lot of government involved mass shootings, we may never get the true story.


I see it’s tinfoil hat day.


Alas, for a few who feel the need to "share" their fecal flames, EVERY day is tin foil hat day. (The rest of us are grateful for the scroll bar, eh?) :-}


The silliness of the conspiracy crowd is that they believe anything they read or are told. As in this thread, a simple search shows the first statement to be factually false. Time to scroll on....:)