By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

‘A lot of the trees are going to have to go’

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For the eighteenth million time: Turn the 4 block section of 3rd into a walking mall with pavers. Move trees from the sidewalk to the CENTER of 3rd.

Bill B

Clearly Otis, unfortunately no one in power cares what many of us think.

Bill B

I think it might help readers if they could see what Third Street would look like without trees. News Register-anyone there able to photoshop out the trees? Could the trees be saved if most of the utility work was done in the middle of the street?

Don Dix

Trees and pavement or concrete are not compatible, never have been. That fact was specifically pointed out by many who actually knew the what the result would be -- lifted surfaces, damaged curbs, and constant replacement. But the hair-brained idea still became reality. They didn't listen to common sense then, and there is no reason to believe they will listen now.

Otis is correct -- close 3rd to east-west traffic -- and plant shrubs, not trees. Nothing has changed -- trees still don't play well with hard surfaces.


They did publish a rendering..

Ossie Bladine

Bill, Don't think our graphics has time for such a task. While not exactly what it would look like today, you can take a look through our Vintage Downtown McMinnville photo collection and imagine the modern updates in your head:


Trees work much better with pavers and tree grates than a solid concrete surface. They let water through to the roots and can be easily replaced if tree roots are bulging up the pavers in spots. Combine that with beautiful planters with shrubs and then we'd have something that would have made Mac even more stunning than it already is.

Bill B

Interesting article from the League of Cities.


Since nursery products are a leading agricultural commodity in Yamhill county, I wonder if the city might ask some local companies for plant donations in exchange for some free PR on third street? My guess is they might even give some recommendations for suitable varieties....and I agree, the middle of the street would make more sense.

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