By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Latinos make up disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases in Yamhill County

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Maybe the virus is racist? Yeah, that must be it.


What in the world does Latainx mean?


[1] macgreg: I believe that is a typo - just the sort of thing you find in newspapers when the editor and proofreader leave early for the day to play golf at Michelbook...

[2] Pedro: Even the merest thought of racism was never entertained until you piped in. We just cannot afford you and your.....


Latinx is a gender-neutral term for Latino or Latina. It's not a typo.


Yes, and this editor has never played a round of golf in his life, nor does he frequent Michelbook. The only two golfers I'm aware of down here are Jeb and Ossie. In my 20-plus years on the staff, I've never known either to "leave early fore the day to play golf at Michelbook." And our proofreader most certainly hasn't. Completely misplaced stereotype, my friend.



I sit corrected on both points. Thank you.


Leave early “fore” the day......I get it! :)