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Kulla ends run for governor; files for state labor commissioner

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As I see it, there are labor shortages because folks at a certain price point would rather be on the virus dole than do honest work.


The virus dole? What is that exactly? The Oregon temporary Covid relief program is closed, and has been for a while.


Hope this helps.


Student loan relief, SNAP benefits, rental assistance, homeowners assistance & broadband benefits......Not sure these programs are keeping any significant number of people out of the work force. Lack of child care is reported as a much larger impediment for prospective workers.


That explains, I guess, why my go-to tree care place last August couldn't find time or crew to cut down a few trees for me until November.


As I have some experience in Agriculture, I can tell you that labor shortages are not new to the industry....Acute seasonal shortages In Ag have been around for 20 plus’s an area where unfortunately our political leadership has failed the nation.....the last real immigration reform was in 1987. Creating a guest worker program that actually functions using verifiable ID would solve the problem for business, reduce illegal border crossings and give the country a method to control immigration.....the idea that a wall will actually solve the problem is silly...and a serious waste of money but I digress....


Why is it that the comment section seems to often get hijacked by those that just want to bellyache about something and rarely stay on point?

Kulla's departure from the County Commissioners is no big surprise given who he has to deal with. I don't know if he's qualified for Labor Commissioner, but all too often those put into such positions are not. Hopefully he'll be able to make a difference there (if elected) and if not, then hopefully he can stomach working with Starter and her stooges....


I’ll try and keep the conversation interesting for you from now on....:)


YOu know how much work it takes to apply and get those programs? It could be considered a full time job. They might as well get jobs.


Read up on his opponent, she seems much more qualified for the position. He will have a lot of campaigning to do to educate people about why he is qualified, and why he dropped a run for governor and jumped to this position.

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