By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Group wants to recall Newberg School Board member who led ban on BLM, Pride symbols

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Is this a marxist Country? I didn't thinks so!!!!Therefore we don't need to support Marxist in this Country......If you feel like a Marxits please Exit the Country!!!!! Please feel Free to do some Research on the Founders of BLM and Antifa. They proudly proclaim to be "Trained Marxist's"


Shannon has angered the woke mob. Stay strong, Brian. Normal, rational people are on your side.


Both BLM and PRIDE are controversial subjects that don't belong in our schools. We need to foster a safe place for our children to receive their education and not one filled with overzealous hypocrites that cry wolf at the drop of a hat! Both BLM and PRIDE relish attention and promote it through controversial accusations that belittle the thinking public.


when staff wears blackface to school it’s kind of a tip off that racism may exist. Do you think black face fosters a safe place for the students of color?.....maybe those “overzealous hypocrites “ you’re worried about aren’t crying wolf after all.........


tagup: You're talking apples-n-oranges and in typical fashion attempting to once again draw attention by highlighting an egregious act by one as if it were the community's norm. Shame on you tagup.


I wonder How many race based egregious acts it takes to become a pattern?.....clearly it’s why BLM exists...Shame right back at you Hibb, for minimizing an obvious & recurring racial issue in Newberg.....


The First Amendment exists to protect expressions about "controversy"

And when a board specifically targets only two kinds of "controversial" content from an infinite universe of possibilities for censorship, the targeting both names it as unlawful censorship and illustrates the unlawful bias motivating the censorship.

Supporters of public school censorship would do well to study the history of that censorship. If they did, they might learn that the entirety of the somewhat broad license granted to public school authorities to enact censorship for the "protection of an orderly learning environment" originally targeted religious expression over 100 years ago.


One person showing poor judgement does not mean the community is racist, seriously. Symbols endorsing segments of our population have nothing to do with academics and have no place in our schools.


One person?....better look again....


Once again we have the one person in the room beating a drum when everyone else is trying to sing acapella. Besides that, tagup is playing the wrong tune. It may not have occured to you while looking down your nose at the folks in Newberg tagup, but you've got enough problems in your own backyard. It's time for you to get back in your doghouse and bark because you've got no bite.


I’m not the problem Hibb.....and pretending a problem is an isolated incident or doesn’t exist won’t make it go away.....that is, unless you don’t want it to go away.....
The good citizens of Newberg have a choice....they can do nothing and be part of the problem or stand up and be part of the solution.